Futuristic Car Features Reduce Accidents


V2V – what is it?

A car feature is being developed and researched which would reduce the number of road collisions and save lives. Vehicle to vehicle communication, or V2V as it shall be known, is being tested by car manufacturers such as ford in the hopes of saving lives. For example, A car is about to obstruct your car, causing a certain crash. You have not realised the car is even there yet, but the other car would send a signal received by your car and your car would warn you, or even BRAKE on it’s own to avoid the accident. This futuristic new feature works with wireless signals, sending them between cars with information on speed, direction and location. With the goverment and car companys working to make this a feature all cars will have, what else could we have in the not so distance future?


Not only could we have vehicle to vehicle communication, V2I could exchange signals between your car, and things such as traffic signals and signs, to submit information to your car about safety issues. If V2V and V21 are put into use, road accidents are said to be reduced by 81 percent! What an amazing reduction. These new innovative features would save so many lives and reduce accidents dramatically!

Self driving cars

Self driving cars may seem like a long way off to you but in reality they are closer than you think. Models have been tested along roads for up to 200,000 miles and even stop to let pedestrians pass. They recognise a road after driving along it a couple of times and can see traffic lights before the human eye is even capable. Traffic jams could also be a thing of the past, as these cars would engage in something known as platooning. This would allow the cars to send signals between each other, allowing them to drive very slowly and closely to each other as a unit. Amazing! This would give a driver a lot more time, why get ready before driving to work when you could get ready on the way there?! Self driving cars could also eliminate 95 percent of road accidents, expect to see them in showrooms in the next decade!

Augmented Reality Dashboards

Augmented Reality Dashboards or AR for short, is a feature that will identify an object infront of a vehicle automatically, and bring up information on the dashboard about the object for the driver such as distance. This will also be useful as it could identify when you are approaching another vehicle too fast, and give quick instructions on how to maneuver into the next lane before a collision is imminent. BMW are actually also developing AR glasses, a product that will enable car mechanics to look at an engine, be shown what needs replacing and exactly how to do it. AR may not be in use yet, but expect it in the not so distant future.


Along with these cool features and extra safety will come a price no doubt! So don’t expect any cheap car finance or leasing…but with these innovative new design features on the way to us we will soon be able to think of road collisions and accidents as a thing of the past. The roads will be a much safer place thanks to V2V, V2I, Self driving cars and AR technology. You heard it here first!

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