The Very Best, Future-Proof Blu Ray Players


There is great debate in the tech world about the future of blu ray. Many claim that the physical disc will live on and provide the basis of our future viewing. On the other hand, some claim that it will be dwarfed by streaming services. They argue that movies and on demand viewing will reduce the need for any physical format. Many die hard collectors will always purchase the disc and never adopt streaming, however.

It is a tough call, and no one quite knows where we will end up. One thing’s for sure, you can future proof your entertainment system. You can buy a blu ray player that comes complete with streaming services. That way, you are safe whichever way the market turns. You can satisfy the collector inside you with blu ray discs. You can continue to copy your blue ray discs and share them with friends. You’ll also please the on-demand junkie who loves to binge-watch TV shows.

The final consideration when preparing for the future is the ability to handle next generation HD. 4K is the future of high definition viewing and it’s best to prepare for that. With all of these criteria in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of the best blu ray players on the market. They will guarantee to future proof your entertainment system.

Samsung BD-P46000

This is, by far, the best looking blu ray player that money can buy. It is sleek and futuristic. Not only that, but it is packed full of amazing features. It boasts a 1G hard drive so you can store your favourite movies and programmes. It has built in wifi connection so streaming from YouTube, Netflix and even Pandora is easy. It also set up to provide super high definition visuals (ready for 4K) and powerful sound. It comes with a price tag of £250, but it really does have everything.

Samsung BD-P36000

This is one iteration below the P46000, but don’t think it isn’t as powerful. With the higher spec Samsung, you are essentially paying for it’s beautiful bodywork. The P36000 has all the same features and power as the above, but with a more modest design. If you’re not bothered about looks, save yourself £30 and pick this one instead.


The PS4 is the ultimate choice is you love gaming as much as you love movies. The PS3 is the most powerful games console on the market. It has an incredible graphics processor already built to handle games and 4K blu ray. It has built in wifi and caters for a number of streaming services.

LG BD-390

This is a brilliant all-round choice. Featuring one of the best sound cards on the market, it provides pristine clarity. Alongside its powerful high definition processor, the LG is a solid choice. Like it’s competitors, it will stream Netflix, has a hard-drive and a built in wifi connection. A budget version – the BD-370 – is also available. It doesn’t have built in wifi or storage, though you can connect them separately.

So there you have it. Five excellent options to future proof your multimedia viewing. You can’t go wrong with any of these options, so pick your favourite.

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