Theme Park Studio Preview


Before we go any further, there’s something about Pantera Entertainment’s upcoming “Theme Park Studio” that you need to know first – they’re planning on integrating it with the “Oculus Rift” project.  In other words, if you own an Oculus Rift, you will be able to essentially experience the roller coasters you build in a form of virtual reality.  For those who might be unaware, the Oculus Rift is a head-mounted display visor which basically simulates the way you might view a game world if you were standing inside of it.  Since the visor extends beyond the bounds of your entire field of view.  This in essence, tricks your brain into thinking that it’s surrounded by the software map because when you turn your head, the environment responds accordingly.  (Needless to say, at this point many of you like-minded techies are probably squirming in anticipation at the thought of the games you’d like to be playing with the Rift at this point, right?)

Theme Park Studio Preview

As far as TP Studio itself is concerned, it’s been called “similar to Rollercoaster Tycoon 3”, which isn’t a bad thing at all, even though it’s perhaps a highly unoriginal or uninspiring way to introduce a game’s general feel to someone else.  Nevertheless, you’ll be able to design your own coasters and rides, which you have to admit, is sort of appealing, especially when the notion of hooking it up with the Oculus Rift becomes a distinct possibility.

Now, is this game going to be one of those that truly define what the Rift is capable of?  Well, just looking at some footage and screenshots, it would be extremely foolish to say that TPS is any kind of groundbreaking software project, the kind capable of harnessing the power and possibilities inherent in a new device like the Oculus Rift.  However, it does appear to be a fun game which more creative types will find plenty of uses for.

Often times we forget that it’s not always the built-in features of a game like Theme Park Studio which might make it alluring, but the open-ended freedom to create whatever your mind can come up with and open up to new possibilities.  For instance, a title that perfectly bears that sort of principle would be the now legendary “Minecraft”, albeit in a completely different manner, of course.  Don’t get the wrong idea though; we’re not comparing this upcoming game (which is set to drop in April of 2014) to Minecraft, just implying that it’s ultimately up to the gamers to decide whether or not a creation-based title will be successful, not necessarily the game’s designers.

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