Three Animal-Related Games That Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously


Some of us love animals. Some of us love video games. For those amongst us who are fans of both, animal-related video games are the pinnacle of on-screen entertainment. Unfortunately for us, animals are often an added feature or a simple afterthought in the gaming arena. Although they roam the terrain, act as your personal companion or are simply out to eat you alive, it’s quite uncommon to see a video game based solely around a specific animal or character. Because of this, we’ve scoured the internet for some animal-related games which are just downright fun to play and which will hopefully help convince developers to give us more of the same.

Catlateral Damage

This is quite possibly the first game to ever be referred to as a “first-person destructive cat simulator”. On reflection, however, this is the perfect way to describe Catlateral Damage. Through the eyes of a cat, your goal is to knock over and destroy as much stuff as possible in a house setting. For those of us who live with a cat (or cats for all you crazy cat ladies out there), this could well go a long way to explaining why Tiddles is so obnoxious. In any case, this game is great fun and your two paws are as destructive as dual-wielded Walther PPKs could ever be.

Raging Rhino Slot

The Raging Rhino Slot at is a six-reel video slot powered by Scientific Games. The game itself is set against the beautiful backdrop of the African Savannah and there are chances to win up to 50 free spins if you match enough diamond symbols together. Again, Raging Rhino is a game which doesn’t take itself all that seriously, but by the same token, it’s a solid slot game with a very definite theme running through it. All in all, if you enjoy slot games and love animals then Raging Rhino is certainly worth a go.

Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco may not be one of Sega’s most well known characters but the eponymous game will certainly go down as one of the best Genesis titles of all time. On paper, the concept is a bizarre one – you play as Ecco and have to figure out why your friends have all been swallowed up by a vortex in the sky. Nevertheless, the game involves battling aliens, strange sea creatures and time travel and so it’s a compelling and thought provoking ride if nothing else. Upon its release back in 1992, critics weren’t exactly keen on the game but it’s since become a cult classic and is a must for anyone considering purchasing a Genesis from their local thrift store.


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More, Please?

Animal-related games are the best. They allow us to take a break from the stresses of being human and escape into a world which we otherwise won’t ever inhabit. We just need more of these types of games if possible. Surely we can have a Catlateral Damage sequel?

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