8 Of The Best Car Gadgets For 2013


Sometimes it’s just not enough to have a nice car. Sometimes, it’s nice to fit gadgets to your car and “pimp it out”. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford to pimp your car out with some of the best most recent gadgets, read on to find out what you should be buying!

Starlight Headlining

This gadget is a set of headlights that can be fixed to the roof of your car. The starlight headlining system can be used in any car but would work best in something slightly more luxurious, for example a Rolls Royce. These lights are very stylish, illuminating your dark interior

Chrono analog and display

This gadget is something almost any type of car could use. The display analog has a lot of features, such as a music system, air conditioner and even a reverse parking sensor. This is a great car add on that everyone will find useful.

Sirius backseat TV

Many people dream about having a TV in their car. With the Sirius backseat TV, you can relax if you get tired from a particularly long trip while watching a film or program of your choice. This is definitely a gadget that will take the edge off boring car journeys.

Night vision

This is a really handy device that everyone who ever drives at night should consider purchasing.

The night vision gadget will help prevent accidents by mapping dark areas and automatically lighting them up for you on a TV screen.

Keyless drive system

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If like me, you are forever losing your keys, then a keyless drive system could be just the thing for you! A click of a button will start the car up and the same click of a button will stop the car. What a genius idea! Keys have become a thing of the past with the keyless drive system.


This handy gadget was created by the clever blokes of Ferrari. The manettino is a smart steering wheel console with built in things such as a speedometer and a petrol indicator. A built in monitor to help you park is another great feature of this console. Treat yourself to the manettino for a smoother driving experience!

Naim audio system

Naim is easily one of the best audio system producers for cars. Naim audio systems come complete with high sound quality and is compatible with cd’s or USB sticks. If you love listening to music while you drive then this is a great gadget for you.

Personal communicators

Having a personal communicator in your car is similar to having a mobile phone, except you can quickly and easily communicate with other drivers. This gadget will also put you through to the police or ambulance services should you need them in an emergency. This is a brilliant gadget that will make anyone who owns it feel like 007.

Just don’t get too carried away or distracted with any gadget you have in your car, any accident claim you make wont be valid if it was caused by distraction from on of your car gadgets!

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