Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Review


The Tiger Woods series has become something of an institution in the video game world; however this is more or less par for the course when it comes to titles released by EA.  There are a few series which produce annual releases, one of them being the franchise we’re looking at right now.  The question on everyone’s lips is, what does ‘PGA Tour 14’ have to offer that merits yet another golf game purchase?  Well, the truth is, this game may or may not “do it for you”.  Whether or not you’ll dig this fine title might very well hinge on whether or not you’re addicted to the series of tired of it.

For starters, one of the major selling points of Tiger Woods PGA 14 is the incredibly stylish “Legends of the Majors” mode.  Simply put, it allows you to go up against some truly celebrated figures straight out of golfing history (along with some equally renowned courses), albeit in digitized form, of course.   Aside from that, it’s the same old Tiger Woods-style golfing experience that we’ve become accustomed to, not that anyone should consider that to be a bad thing.


If you’ve played Tiger Woods 13 or 12 then you pretty much know what to expect as far as graphics are concerned, no surprises here.  The character models are all detailed and dynamic and the environments are as crisp as ever.  If it’s been a while since you’ve played any type of golf game, playing a few rounds of this will certainly pull you in and impress you.


As previously mentioned, the “Legends of the Majors” courses are of particular interest as they allow you to experience the basic style of TV presentation of the era as well.  Needless to say, some might find these kinds of additions to be so charming so as to merit a full purchase of the game; after all, it is quite novel and a refreshing change of pace.


Once again, if you’re familiar with the last Tiger Woods game then this one will seem like a familiar friend, which might even be considered to be a positive thing by some.  There is s slight mutation occurring with the “shot shaping” mechanics but it is quite subtle and perhaps not as brash a change as some might have been expecting.

Tiger Woods 14

Gameplay is a touchy subject when it comes to sports games, particularly prolific franchises; some feel that “more is better” while others are more connected to the idea of pure substance or the introduction of new elements.  At any rate, Tiger Woods PGA 14 handles like a top-flight title and certainly won’t disappoint in terms of its innate abilities.


The truth is that some people will find this game to be very refreshing and complete while others might be left wanting more in the way of changes or alterations to the somewhat shopworn video golf formula.  Regardless of what side of the line you fall on, no one can deny that this title is very polished and technically excellent. Pick it up if you’re a fan or haven’t played any golfing / sports games in a while, all others might want to consider renting it.

Rating – 8.5 / 10

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