Top 5 Tech Trends for Your Car


Between trips to and from the market or grocery store, commuting to and from work, doctor’s appointments, picking up the kids from school, and countless other tasks, you probably spend a large part of your week just driving around. Those minutes add up to hours upon hours spent in the car. So why not deck out your automobile and turn it into a comfortable haven, loaded with the latest digital trends that can make your life on-the-go a lot easier? Check out these must-have gadgets for your vehicle!

  1. A Navigation System with a Projector

Tired of glancing down at your smartphone screen to see where you’re supposed to turn next? Get the Garmin HUD+, a navigation system that projects the information and directions onto your windshield. That way, you minimise the distance that your eyes have to travel from the road. It’s not only more convenient— it’s safer.

  1. A Vault for Your Valuables

Do you carry valuables or other sensitive property with you on a regular basis? Invest in a console vault. It fits right into the console area between the front seats of your car, and it provides solid security for those precious possessions. Although the unit itself isn’t a complex piece of tech, it provides the perfect area for securing your smartphone, tablet, headset, and other high-end electronics if you have to leave those things in the car for a while.

One variation of this product is a cover for your existing console compartment, made of 12-gauge cold-rolled steel, with a 3-point locking system that makes it really tough for anyone to pry it out. Just be sure that you purchase a vault that’s specifically designed for your vehicle’s make, model, year, and style.

  1. A Charger for Your Tech

You definitely need a way to charge your devices while you’re rolling around town. Purchase a USB car charger that fits right into the socket in your dashboard without sticking out too far. In addition to a low-profile design, look for a unity that has multiple USB ports. A 12-Watt charger is ideal, since it offers a quicker charge time. You can also pick up some extra charge cables and adapters for your devices and keep those in the car, handy for use anytime you need them.

And if you’d rather not have a plain old boring USB car charger, you can always splurge on the Knight Rider K.I.T.T. USB car charger, which looks just like the talking car’s voicebox from the ’80s show. The unit plays a variety of phrases with synced light bars for a more realistic effect.

  1. A Sign for Those Annoying Drivers

Sometimes those other drivers on the road are just crazy. Have you ever wanted to send them a clear message? With a Drivemocion LED Car Sign installed in your back window, use a tiny remote to choose from one of 16 different faces or messages. The face or message you pick shows up on the sign, facing the driver behind you. It’s a great way to let off a little steam or have a little fun— just be sure to use it wisely and safely.

  1. A Particulate Eliminator

Got an odour problem in the car? Pick up a car air purifier that plugs into your dashboard socket and releases millions of negative ions into your car. Those negative ions are a good thing— they neutralise and eliminate particles like pollen, smoke, dust, bacteria, and bad smells. The unit makes the air better and improves your daily driving experience.

What’s your favourite piece of add-on tech for your car? Don’t keep the secret to yourself—share it in the comments!

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