Top Tech for the Man-Cave


Some people wait until Father’s Day to buy the guy in their life the tech he wants— but why put off till tomorrow what you can buy today? Get the lowdown on the top tech that every man needs in his man-cave right now! In fact, while you’re at it, pick up some of these ultra-cool gadgets for your own digital den.

The Console

First, you need a gaming console. The XBOX One, the PS4, the Wii U— whichever system you prefer, set it up in a place of honor. Remember to buy a bunch of high-end wireless controllers so your buddies, girlfriends, or family members can game without getting tangled up in controller wires.

The Sound System

Next, you need to honor that gaming console with a top-tier sound system. That means a powerful subwoofer and at least four speakers that you can strategically place around the room. You’ll also need a pair of high-quality, noise-cancelling headphones so that you can enjoy pristine sound during your late-night gaming sessions without bothering anyone else in the house. The SoundLink or QuietComfort headphones from Bose should do the trick.

The Screen

What’s a PS4 without a big screen to game on? You need a screen large enough for everyone to have a sizable piece of it when you’re doing multiplayer rounds. For movies and single-player games, there’s nothing quite as amazing and immersive as a curved screen with 4K Ultra HD quality. Go big or go back to the store! Don’t know which model to buy? Check out the monster 65-inch Samsung 9000 LED-LCD 4K UHDTV.

The Lighting

Want to make your man cave look like a space station or a nightclub? Pick up some unique lighting that matches the vibe you’re going for in the room. You can even get special Philips Hue lamps and use an app to create your own light show that starts whenever your favorite sports team scores.

The Time

You can’t buy time, but you can buy a fantastic clock to go on the wall of your man cave. There are clocks made with gigantic gears, clocks made from slabs of cork or wood, or even the Ruggie, a carpet that displays the time when you step on it. There’s a BB-8 clock for the Star Wars fan, a Captain America shield clock for the comic book aficionado, and a clock for almost any other hobby or pop culture icon you can imagine. Grab one that suits your style and put it up in your man cave so that you know when it’s time for important things like pizza or nachos.

3D Printer

If you still have money to burn after completing your entertainment system, pick up a 3D printer. These units can make all kinds of things, from coasters to bottle openers to charging docks. Your friends will enjoy coming over and trying out new designs.


Maybe one day they will take over the world, but for now, robots are here for your entertainment. Get yourself some high-tech robots like the MiP, which can be controlled via an app on your tablet or phone. You can also get the MiP’s companion dino-robot and have the two battle until one keels over. To make it even more fun, the MiP can carry objects weighing as much as one can of soda.

Do you have a lair loaded with cool tech? Share some of your favorite gadgets in the comments!

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