Top Tips For Making A Popular YouTube Channel


There are so many practical uses for YouTube. Most of us have uploaded something to our accounts. You may be a gamer and use it to show off how you reached your latest high score. Perhaps you are into the music scene and have a video online of you competing in a sing-off. Some of us use YouTube to have a gripe or share ideas with anybody who will click on our link. Whatever you upload, there is no doubt that an online video channel is a useful tool.

To create a video, you may have used your smartphone, tab or computer webcam. There are lots of free apps to help you get this raw footage uploaded to your channel. However, the footage is very raw. There may be parts of the video you are not entirely happy with. It could be you paused too long, or made a mistake. Editing out these bits isn’t particularly easy on your phone. Fortunately, there are lots of video editing systems out there, including

Using video editing software, you can cut out the bits you don’t like. This might include the part at the end of the video when you are seen to reach over the camera to turn it off! You might have the same problem in the beginning too. Using a video suite lets you get rid of these bits and any other embarrassing shots quickly and easily.

You can also add a few more professional style tricks to your overall video. Adding some music to the soundtrack can help your viewers get in the right mood for your vlog. Sound effects are a great way of making your video stand out, and can be used to emphasise your points too. Graphics can be incorporated to help illustrate what you are trying to describe. You may also want to put captions and credits on. Video editing in this way gives you the opportunity to put all your different clips together into one great video. The editing helps them all link seamlessly. This is especially handy if you are trying to make a music video out of all the footage you took.

If you are looking to create promotional ads on YouTube, you need your video to look as professional as possible. Very few of us have high-end cameras or a lighting studio. Using an editing suite of software can help make even webcam footage look good. Lots of the suites available today allow you to record footage direct from your webcam for editing. You can also add clips from your phone or tab. Once you have put them all together, you can create a single file for uploading to your YouTube account.

There are many ways you can utilise online video channels. Maybe you are a vlogger or you are looking for an audience for your band. Some people offer help videos or tuition. Gone are the days of running a live feed. Now, videos are shot and edited with graphics, sound effects and image polishing that can be applied using editing software.

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