Useful Apps for People in the Medical Profession


As a medical professional, you are all too aware of the problems of time constraints. You are busy. You work hard. You need to remain on top of your game, no matter what kind of shift you pulled the night before. You have to be the consummate professional all of the time. Life as a medical professional sure is demanding. But, it’s incredibly rewarding too.

The rise of apps
in the hospital and medical setting has become more commonplace. Technology is shaping the medical industry for the better. In fact, over 46% of medical professionals are keen to implement apps and tech within their wards in the next year. That’s how important apps are becoming in the world of medicine. So, what apps can you use to ensure that you are on top of your game?

Hippo Msg

Texting in the hospital needs to be done with caution. After all, security is a must within the hospital. You cannot breach patient data or leak information about their diagnoses and treatment. The scandal that would erupt would be costly! But, with Hippo Msg you can ensure that you are compliant in all senses of the word. The texting app allows medical professionals to converse freely without the risk of breaching confidentiality. One of the best things about Hippo Msg is that it has HIPAA compliance for smartphones in place. That way, you don’t have to worry about using something that is not regulated by the medical setting. It’s a great way to file share with the medical community too. After all, social media is not the place to do that!


MedScape is incredibly useful for those who want to get to grips with their diagnosing and treatment procedures. MedScape is the perfect tool to use if you are training or fully qualified. It can ensure that you are choosing the right drugs and treatment for your patient. But, it’s also great for finding alternative medications that you may not have considered. There is also a lot of information within the app about how that drug will interact with people, if they are on existing medication. Of course, the app should not replace your encyclopaedic knowledge, but it can enhance the level of care that give.

Heart Pro

When it comes to amazing iPhone apps, Heart Pro is the one that most cardiologists are using. They are all using it to find out more about the heart. The 3D heart, within the app, is proving to be a great asset in the hospital setting. It’s a robust educational tool that lets you discover more about the heart and its functions. As such, this is enabling cardiologists to find out more about the heart. This is done without having to put patients through unnecessary surgery. The best thing about this app is that it has been created in conjunction with Stanford University. So, you know that it’s good!

Healthcare has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade. Now, apps can ensure that everyone brings their A-Game to the hospital.

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