5 Awesome Gadgets for your iPhone 6


Certainly no one would argue that Apple’s iPhone 6 is itself an awesome gadget; just looking at the incredible popularity of the brand should be evidence enough of that. But could it be made even more incredible with the addition of other things? The answer of course is a resounding yes! Even though the iPhone 6 is pretty fabulous as it is, there are all sorts of really cool and specific add-ons that you can get which will completely transform your device, making it stronger, more resilient or simply better-looking. The following 5 items are certainly a testament to customizability in this regard…

Lightning Power Reserve Keychain Battery by Mophie

Lightning Power Reserve Keychain Battery by Mophie

Seriously now, and let’s be honest, how many times have you ran out of phone power just when you needed it the most? We tend to live with our phones and devices these days, that’s certainly no secret, and a side effect of this is that we are often left searching for places to recharge. Likewise, we don’t always adequately plan ahead or remember to carry cords with us either, which often means a temporary loss of service. Well, Mophie’s lightning power reserve keychain battery is a complete solution for this sort of predicament. As expected, it attaches to your key ring and represents (loosely) an additional 50% power reserve that you can tap into when you need to. It makes for an excellent companion for all iPhones, obviously, and is really small enough to slide easily into a pocket or be tucked away somewhere in case of emergencies. Needless to say, if you’re a frequent traveler or find yourself running out of juice all the time, you need this little gadget.

TAKTIK 360 & AQUATIK For iPhone 6 by LUNATIK

TAKTIK 360 & AQUATIK For iPhone 6 by LUNATIK

The only thing you really need to know about the TAKTIK 360 & AQUATIK for the iPhone 6 is that it can literally save your device from destructive drops that might otherwise render it useless. It is basically an enveloping system which features a series of trusses designed to absorb the shock of falls, regardless of which direction it might land.   In other words, whether or not it hits the ground on a corner, edge, the back or the face, you’re protected. It also looks nice and adds a certain geometric flair to the iPhone 6’s overall presentation, which many might find to be favorable. Regardless, the comfort and peace of mind you get from knowing that your iPhone is secure and not prone to disastrous falls is reason enough to invest in an add-on like this.

Neutron S – Phone and Tablet Holder Mount

Neutron S - Universal Magnetic Phone and Tablet Mount - Deep Space Grey

At first glance the Neutron S might seem like a recipe for disaster, after all, the very idea of having a powerful magnet anywhere near a sensitive electronic device like a smartphone certainly seems dangerous, doesn’t it? Of course, all these worries are misguided because the Neutron S features an anodized aluminum, magnetically shielded mounting system which won’t interfere with your phone’s functionality in the least. At the same time, it provides a very solid capacity for holding devices in place too, meaning that you can stick it on your dashboard and attach a phone to it without having to worry about it flying off when you hit a few hard bumps. Seriously, for those who basically drive around all the time or have a distinct need to keep their iPhones mounted somewhere for quick and easy access, you couldn’t ask for a better accessory.

The Headphone Divine

The Headphone DivineSimply put, “The Headphone Divine” is an awesome headset which is fully Bluetooth 4.0 compatible and utilizes the latest DSP processing technologies. Moreover, its advanced algorithms ensure better frequency processing and response too, which ultimately translates into better wireless sound quality. What makes it so cool though is the NFC system (near-field communications) that allows it to seamlessly and easily connect to your device simply because it is relatively close in terms of proximity. I know what you’re thinking, “but what about battery life, eh?” Not to worry, they’ve got you covered there with no less than 14 hours of continuous use (even at full volume).   Add to that a handy XTZ player app for iPhones (as well as android, for the non-apple crowd) and you have a very useful and easy to integrate gadget indeed. Click here to check out the kickstarter campaign for this product.

Pack and Smooch KINGSTON – iPhone 6 Case

Pack and Smooch KINGSTON - iPhone 6 Case

Lastly, we come to this wonderful vegetable tanned leather iPhone 6 case made by Pack and Smooch, dubbed the “KINGSTON”.   To be honest, there are basically two reasons why you want this accessory: 1.) it does an excellent job of protecting iPhones from the sort of daily wear and tear you would otherwise normally encounter, and 2.) it really looks great and adds a touch of class. The KINGSTON is entirely handmade in Germany too and makes for a great gift for iPhone 6 users.

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