Must-have Gadgets to Turn Your Home into a House of the Future


Everyone remembers watching TV shows that predicted the technology of the future, whether it was for decades or just a few years away. These shows predicted how we would live with this new tech and how it would transform our homes and lives. Now you can transform your home with new technology. So many jobs that you once had to do yourself, or that you never even knew needed to be done, you can now do with the help of an array of gadgets. From protecting your home to lighting up the house, you can get the futuristic home we were all promised. Check out some of these must-have home gadgets for making your home a nicer and more fun place to be.

Security and Safety

Everyone worries about the safety of their home. It contains your favorite people and your favorite possessions. It helps to have insurance, but insurance won’t stop accidents and crimes happening in the first place. Luckily, there are plenty of pieces of home technology to keep your safe and aware. For example, burglar alarm systems are now pretty sophisticated. You can control many of them from your smartphone and will alert you on your phone if they detect anything suspicious.

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Even your driveway can have its own driveway alert system, so you know whenever someone approaches your house. Just a few sensors and an alarm or chime can let you know if you have an unexpected visitor. But what about your family’s health? Well, how about a self-sterilizing door handle that continually cleans itself with UV light?

Light and Sound

When you think of futuristic lighting, you might immediately think of clappers – when you clap to turn the lights on and off. But lighting can do so much more now. For starters, you can control all the lights in your house from one touchscreen panel. You can even wire your lights so you can control them with your smartphone or tablet. And when it comes to sound, there are hundreds of options for a sophisticated audio setup. If you love music, you can use systems like Sonos, which allow you to link different players wirelessly and control everything from your smartphone.

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Movie lovers should invest in a home cinema. There’s a huge range of equipment available. Projectors are always a big hit, but what if you’re short on space? You can now find projectors small enough to fit in your pocket, which will still store hundreds of movies. Their projection capability can range anywhere from a large TV to a full-size cinema screen.

Kitchen Gadgets

If there’s one place in the home that a lot of people wish was full of gadgets to make life easier, it’s the kitchen. If you’re the cook in the house, you’ll be delighted to find so many kitchen gadgets you don’t know what to do with them. You can find fat fryers that only use a teaspoon of oil, pancake makers, soup makers, interactive scales and even high-tech chopping boards. You could cook dinner while barely lifting a finger.

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