5 iPhone/iPad Apps to Help you Find a Job


With the number of unemployed people totalling over 2.5 million people in the UK, it can be pretty tough to get a job these days. A lot of jobseekers have to compete even harder for the same jobs, with many people even applying for jobs in areas that they would not have normally considered commuting to because of the distance or time involved.

As well as visiting recruitment agencies in Birmingham, Manchester, London or wherever you maybe, the Internet is one of the best places to look for jobs as it provides real-time updated job listings on both job board websites and on employers’ own websites, a luxury you would not have if you relied solely on newspaper job listings.

Many job seekers will also possess an Apple iPhone or iPad, but apart from using them for communicating with people or surfing the web, did you know that they are also considered a valuable job search tool? Take a look at these 5 iPhone and iPad apps that can help you to land your next job.

Indeed App

With hundreds of thousands of jobs available to search and browse for on the Indeed website, the job searching website has a free and handy iOS app available on the iPhone and iPad.

You can upload your CV details and use them to easily apply for jobs, and you can even save or email your favourite jobs too.

Download the free indeed.com Job Search app for iPhone and iPad.

monster.com Jobs

Montser App

The Monster website is well known as one of the UK’s most popular job board sites, and now you can search for jobs on the go using their free app.

With specially designed apps for both the iPhone and iPad, you can access your account details on the Monster website through it so that you can keep track of the jobs you’ve applied for and more.

Download the free monster.com Jobs app for iPhone and iPad.


CV Library App

Another popular job board site with dedicated apps for the iPhone and iPad, the CV-Library apps allow users to easily search and apply for jobs on the go.

Use it to log in to your CV-Library account and edit your covering letters and CVs before applying for jobs, and you can save job searches so that you don’t have to keep entering the same search criteria every time you use the app – just log in and pick up where you left off!

Download the free CV-Library app for iPhone and iPad.

Jobsite Jobs

Jobsite App

jobsite.co.uk was one of the first job board sites in the UK and has helped over 8 million job seekers to successfully get employment.

Using their handy app, you can search over 35,000 jobs across a range of industries quickly and easily.

Download the free Jobsite Jobs app for iPhone and iPad.


Linkedin App

As you may probably know, LinkedIn is a social networking platform specifically for professionals. Apart from being a great service for connecting with past and present co-workers, bosses and customers, it is also a great tool to use for job searching too and in fact a lot of industry bosses use it to headhunt potential employees.

Download the free LinkedIn app for iPhone and iPad.

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