5 Must Have Gadgets for Golfers


Many people have gadgets for all sorts of reasons, for the most part they are bought to make our lives easier in some way, and for you avid golfers out there, let me tell you that there are some cracking gadgets designed just for you!

With a plethora of golf gadgets available for purchase on the market today, from ones that measure your golf club swing to ones that help you keep that golf club (and many more) safe and sound when you are walking across the green. Here are 5 must-have golf gadgets that you need to check out today!

GolfSense 3D Swing Analyser


This funky-looking glove is actually a GolfSense 3D swing analyser and represents some of the best 21st century technology available to golfers at all skill levels!

It has a Bluetooth-enabled motion sensor which works with a free-to-download app designed specifically for Apple and Android smartphones and tablet devices and aims to provide instant feedback on your golf swing.

The app lets you easily identify and share with others any areas that need to be addressed, so that you can improve your swing.

Bushnell Tour v3


The Bushnell Tour v3 is a rather cool-looking rangefinder aimed at golfers at all levels. It boasts an award-winning PinSeeker with JOLT Technology, and in case you were wondering what the ‘JOLT’ bit meant, it is essentially the device emitting a vibration when it locks onto a flag.

It has an ergonomic grip for good handling, and the rangefinder is accurate to within a metre. And for when the weather starts to become less than favourable, the rainproof construction ensures that the Tour v3 will still keep on working even when the rain tries to dampen your day.

TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs


Don’t worry; golfers aren’t using an actual spider to help them with their games (well, at least I hope they aren’t)! The TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs is TaylorMade’s newest putter in their Spider range and features an MOI (moment of inertia) that exceeds 8500.

It also features a 130-gram grip, which is typically twice the weight of a typical grip, and this extra weight acts as a counterbalance to the golf club head. This counterbalancing increases the MOI of the entire golf club, thus making the TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs about 60% more stable than traditional putters.

Supido Personal Sports Radar


The Supido Personal Sports Radar is an ingenious little device that can help you improve your swing. When you place the device behind a driving net, it can measure the speed of the ball. Situated opposite you, it can accurately measure your swing speed.

Callaway Cart Bag


OK so a Callaway cart bag might not perform any special tricks or incorporate some clever 21st century digital technology, but it is still technically a gadget and it is definitely a must-have item for amateur and pro golfers alike!

Callaway offers a range of cart bags ranging including waterproof bags, quilted bags in assorted colours, and ladies cart bags. Let’s face it; you would look a bit silly carrying all of your golf clubs around without a cart bag!

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