One for All Internet to TV Link 500 Review


When it comes to televisions, particularly new models, some kind of a connection to the internet is fast becoming a necessity.  Seriously, who wants a TV these days that can’t be used to easily browse the web?  Of course many of today’s most popular and highly sought-after televisions tend to incorporate Ethernet / broadband jacks or connections, as you are probably already aware.  However, this doesn’t mean that you still aren’t going to have to deal with certain issues related to connection speeds and logistics though.  In fact, many people often find themselves completely at a loss when it comes to simply establishing a solid method of delivering a steady signal which is able to match the speeds they’re able to get from their computer(s) or other devices.So, what’s the reason behind this predicament, you ask?  Well, in short, it’s usually a result of having to rely on wifi dongles or similar items.  The simple fact of the matter is that you simply aren’t going to be guaranteed the best possible signal unless you are able to physically connect a cable between your TV and router (or just the modem if you don’t have a router).

Not to worry though, One for All (the company) has a solution for you which will allow you to easily connect your TV to the internet.  It’s called a powerline link (SV2020), and it basically utilizes your home wiring as the conduit for transmitting your internet signal to other rooms.  Think of it as being a sort of “walkie-talkie” or “two-way radio” system for working around difficult home internet connection problems.

The package itself contains two plugs.   Both of them will be plugged into the power (wall) sockets, however one of them will reside next to your router (or modem) and will plug directly into it.  The other, of course, is supposed to rest near your TV and will receive the transmissions from the other plug through the wiring in the wall.  As expected, this end is plugged into the TV so that a powerful, fast and clear signal can be broadcasted without the need for additional wires or altogether unreliable wireless systems.

Those who really need to stream HD quality video to some other remote room in their house will particularly appreciate this product.  Similarly, this also means that you can kiss the stuttering associated with weak, wireless buffering goodbye as well.  If you’re paying for a streaming video service like Netflix, the Powerline Internet to TV link is likely to be quite useful for your needs.   In all honesty, this is the kind of product which might even help some people transform the way they decorate their house or flat (especially in situations where power sockets, Ethernet cables and wireless ranges are influencing the way furniture and things like entertainment centers are resting).

In short, One for All’s SV2020 Powerline internet to TV link is a very nifty system / solution for dealing with both connection issues and logistics problems associated with your internet networking scheme.  Moreover, it’s extremely easy to set-up and use – even the technically illiterate should have no problems whatsoever.

Rating 8.8 / 10

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