5 Tips for Flying Your Drone In FPV


Flying your drone in FPV can be difficult to master, even for those who have experience in flying drones the regular way. However, if you are willing to put in the effort to master FPV flying, then you will have new experiences with your drone. And below, we check out five tips that can help you fly your drone in FPV.

Throttle Control

One of the first things you need to learn in order to master FPV flying is to have good skills over throttle control. There will be times when you will have to move the drone opposite to the gravitational pull. And only those with an excellent grip over how to use throttle control will be able to pull off such difficult maneuvers. For example, a move that involves flying the drone up and then flipping it upside down while still climbing up will require tremendous control over the throttle. The user has to be precise as to when he cuts the throttle and flips the drone 180 degrees. And you must develop this level of skill if you want to shine as an FPV expert.

Use Comfortable Goggles

You will also need a pair of comfortable goggles so that you can fly the drone FPV in the best possible way. The goggles give you an immersive experience, making you feel as if you are right up there with the drone. Ensure that the goggles cup your eyes in a way that does not make you feel as if you have to adjust it every now and then. The goggles must be sufficiently tight enough so that it does not slip away from your face. However, it should not be too tight that you feel uncomfortable when wearing it for long periods of time.

Stitch the Moves

The difference between an expert FPV user and a novice is that the expert knows how to stitch multiple moves together into one seamless motion. In contrast, a novice mostly focuses on doing one move at a time, taking a break in between the moves so as to prepare for the next move. As such, if you have already mastered singular moves, then the next logical step is to try to stitch multiple moves together so that you can manipulate the drone in any way you want. For example, if you know how to do a flip and a half roll, and then try combining them into one single motion where you flip and then roll the drone without taking any break in between. Check out the FPV videos on AirVuz to get some cool ideas about how to create stylistic drone movements.

Master Slingshot

A slingshot is basically a move wherein the forward momentum of the drone is used to move it backward. To do this, you first need to race the drone straight up the skies, then do a quick turn with a few rolls and immediately cut off the throttle. Now, the drone will be pointing towards the ground while its momentum will keep taking it upwards, thereby giving off the impression that the drone is moving backward. You can add in a few rolls in the move in order to make it look more complex and interesting. Mastering this move will enable you to take more dynamic videos.

Know the Weather

Always mind the weather before you fly your drone. Even if it looks calm at the moment, weather can change instantly. And this is why it is important that you check the weather forecast for that particular day. If the conditions are expected to be too windy, then you should ideally abandon the idea if FPV flight since things can get too shaky up in the sky that it can be difficult for you to control the drone. Now, if the weather is expected to be clear, then you can go ahead with your FPV flight. Just be ready to quickly bring down the drone in case it gets too windy. Plus, it is always better if you choose a bright and sunny day for your flight.

Finally, always have a good idea of the area in which you are flying the drone. Check Google maps and identify the high rise buildings, trees, elongated constructions, and so on. This will help you in determining how to fly the drone when you confront such things. Otherwise, you might get dumbfounded when you suddenly see a large building in front of the drone and in your nervousness may end up crashing the drone straight into the building.

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