How to Make an Impact with Royalty Free Images


Are you looking for images to complete your presentation or website? Stock photos may seem rather basic but if you choose wisely you can complete your project in a very fast and cost-effective manner. Follow some simple tips and do not lose touch with the goal of your project. Make an impact with a smart image or two.

Stock Images – A Prudent Choice

We all know that images and designs are the best way to make a message stay and they should be a huge element of your content strategy. Getting original images via a professional photographer is an expensive and time-consuming process. At times it is not worth this investment, especially for smaller campaigns. Stock photos are growing in popularity, especially for small businesses. There are also more stock photos and images available now than ever and this number is only growing.

Basic Tips

If you are looking for image for social media marketing or something for a website, study your competitors to ensure you are not choosing similar pictures. Stick to the theme but be unique, the extra hour you put into searching for an image is worth it. The audience does not like a generic picture so avoid clichés and artificial poses. Overtly cheerful images can also be annoying as they do not reflect real life situations (especially workplace environments). Choose images of living subjects like people and animals in candid poses. Observe the images well – choose the ones with real people and not models.

When you are sticking to royalty free images, chances are you might not find an exact fit to your theme. However, you can find images that compliment the larger content of your project, be it a website, a blog, or a presentation. Never choose pictures that look like they have been dropped in randomly. If you are choosing a series of images, try to weave a connection or tell a story.

Choose pictures according to the audience you have in mind. Reflect the target demographics in the picture. Make sure your images are up to date. Out-dated tech or fashion can create a negative impression if it is out of theme. You also need to make sure that the image has not been used too many times, or with a similar context. There are certain tools that help you determine this.

 Royalty Free Images – Value for Money

Royalty free photos are the best choice for presentations and small business promotions. Copyright free images or those in the public domain are also available but would be overused and outdated compared to royalty-free ones. You do not need to spend too much on royalty free pictures; just a one-time fee and you can use the images multiple times.

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