5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Setting Up Your Gaming Room


If you are interested in gaming, then you will have thought of setting up a special gaming room in your home.  Even though it can sound expensive, creating a gaming room will only be a small investment when compared to the hours of fun you will have. And in this post, we look at five tips that can help you build the perfect gaming room.

Room Size

The first thing you have to decide on is the size of the room. Ideally, the room only needs to be big enough so that all the monitors, speakers, desk, and other attachments can be comfortably placed without making you feel congested. A room that is too big will be a waste of space, while a room that is too small can make you feel uncomfortable while gaming. Plus, if you plan on having your friends around for gaming sessions, then you also need to consider their seating space too.

Game Desk

The next thing to consider will be the gaming desk. The desk should be of a size that enables you to game comfortably. You should be able to move your right hand (the one which holds the mouse) all across the surface without falling off the edge. Only then can you use the mouse the way you want, especially for wide moves. You also need to consider what the desk is made from – whether it is a glass, wood, steel, or PVC gaming desk. Each one of them has their own pros and cons. But people usually go for the wooden desks because of their durability and good looks. And if you plan on playing games with your friends, then the desk should be big enough that it has space for two keyboards, mouse, and two players’ hands. And if you are unsure as to which desks to get for your game room, be sure to check out the reviews for the top worktops for gaming. This should give you a good enough idea to decide which desk will be perfect for the room.


You also need to decide on the type of chair you will use in the room. If there is a chair in your home on which you can sit continuously for multiple hours without feeling any discomfort, then that may be sufficient for your gaming room. However, if you will be participating in online multiplayer games, then you will need the best, most comfortable chair. And in such situation, the average chair in your home may not be suitable. As such, your best bet will be to look for specialized gaming chairs. Though these can a bit expensive, these chairs are designed ergonomically with the physical comfort of a gamer in mind. This allows you to play for multiple hours on the chair without feeling an iota of discomfort.


When it comes to sound, you have two options – headset or speakers. Professional gamers mostly use headsets since it cancels out all the background noise, enabling one to focus on the game sounds better. However, you don’t have to solely rely on that alone. Instead, you can equip your gaming room with a 5.1 or 7.1 sound system that will provide you with 360-degree sound. Plus, you can also soundproof the entire room to ensure that no outside noise enters it. However, if you plan on participating in gaming competitions and championships, it will be better if you stick to headsets since you will only be able to use headsets at such events. And being trained to use it will help you at these competitions.


Finally, you will have to decide on the display type. And normally, your choices will boil down to either a computer monitor, a TV, or a projector. Most gamers will use a full HD computer monitor which has a refresh rate of 120 or 144 Hz. And as far as size is concerned, any monitor around 24 inches should serve you well. Now, you can go for a bigger experience by selecting a big LED or OLED TV. However, these big form televisions are generally not used by professional gamers since they usually have low refresh rates and response times when compared to game-focused monitors. A third option will be to use a projector. By connecting the projector to your desktop, you can get the big screen experience without compromising on the technical specs like refresh rate. And for a casual gamer, a projector will be more than sufficient, and will also be cheaper than large size televisions.

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