6 Apps For House Hunting


Despite the economic downturn, the housing market is actually picking up. For example, mortgage lending was up 4 per cent in April this year in comparison to the previous month. If you are looking to buy your own property soon but are struggling to find a suitable home within your price range, or perhaps a mortgage lender with more favourable terms that what you have been offered on the High Street, have you considered using the power of your smartphone or tablet computer to help you out?

Here are 6 of the best smartphone and tablet apps to help you with your house hunting!



With the free Rightmove app, you will be able to search more than a million properties for sale within the UK. It offers a number of features, such as looking at properties for sale using the map view, viewing floor plans of each property, and more.

It even offers you the ability to sync and share saved searched between the app, your computer and in some cases your TV!

Download the free Rightmove app for iOS and Android devices.



Zoopla is on the UK’s most comprehensive property search websites. Their app lets you access over 95 per cent of Britain’s properties for sale, and makes it easy for you to search and save properties that you are interested in finding out more information on.

It also offers you the ability to easily make contact with estate agents of the properties that you are thinking of viewing.

Download the free Zoopla app for iOS and Android devices.


The FindaProperty.com app encompasses a number of user-friendly features. Apart from offering you the ability to search through over a million properties in the UK for sale, and whilst you are looking for properties you can also obtain values for over 28 million homes, and it even has 18 million house prices (paid) dating all the way back to 1995!

Download the free FindaProperty.com Property Search app for iOS and Android devices.

Mortgage Brain


The Mortgage Brain app offers smartphone and tablet users a fast and easy way to search the UK mortgage market. Not only does it also provide some handy mortgage calculators, but the app even lets you make contact with a mortgage broker local to you, so that you can be sure that you get the best deal on your mortgage!

Download the free Mortgage Brain app for iOS and Android devices.

Removal & Storage Space Calculator


The Removal & Storage Space Calculator app helps you to determine exactly how much space you will need in your new home, or how many trips in a van you will need to make if you are planning to move your belongings yourself. It is also useful if you are downsizing to a smaller home and need to figure out how much storage space you would need to rent for any items you want to place into storage.

Download the Removal & Storage Space Calculator app for iOS devices (£4.99).



On the subject of vans, unless you own one yourself you are going to need to hire one for moving day. The free Hertz app enables you to search for van availability from selected Hertz locations within your local area, and gives you the ability to find out prices and book your van hire reservations within the app.

Download the free Hertz app for iOS and Android devices.

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