Amazing Technology Coming To The World Of Cars


Ever since Knightrider graced our TV screens, we’ve been obsessed with car technology. Who wouldn’t want a talking car? The strange thing is that technology is racing to a point where these sci-fi cars are becoming a reality. Modern cars are now more powerful than we could ever have dreamed. We’re on the brink of self-driving vehicles and artificially intelligent computer systems. Everything you see on this list exists in a production car somewhere in the world. This technology is approaching, and it’s approaching fast.

Laser headlights

In our opinion, there’s is nothing that can’t be improved by the word ‘laser’. Lasers make everything cooler, and now they’re making their way to our cars. Only a few years ago LED lights were the hottest new thing, yet we’re already moving onto lasers! They have the capacity to light the road half a mile ahead. Their practical application, however, will be a more targeted and specific light source. Plus, they’re more efficient.

Self-driving cars

Strangely, this technology already exists in many commercial vehicles. Just take a look at and you’ll find cars with autonomous braking and self-park functions. Mercedes are leading the charge in this arena. They claim that driverless cars have been tested across the entire length of the USA. When the laws relax, autonomous driving will change our entire road culture.

Gesture control

Because touch screen is just too difficult! Sometimes, technology gets ahead of itself. Gesture control is one such area in our cars. We had the chance to try this out at a car show back in January. It’s far from perfect, but when they get it right, it could provide a significant change in auto control. It will allow the driver to make changes without looking away from the road. For example, you would move your hand upwards to increase the volume on the stereo.

Augmented reality

Jaguar Land Rover recently announced a brand new technology that will alter everything. They’re working on a heads up display on the windscreen itself. That means information and navigation will pop up on the window in front of you. This is the future of motoring and will soon become commonplace. Jaguar’s latest trick is the projection of a ‘ghost car’. They’ll project the image of a car onto the road ahead. To find your destination, you’ll simply follow the car.

Wireless charging

It’s no secret that hybrid and electric engines have a strong presence in our automotive future. They’ve already changed the way we think about driving and the way we produce cars. Unfortunately, they require charging, and that can take hours. In the future, we’ll use wireless charging to speed up this process. You’ll drive your electric car over an electromagnet. It will then charge wirelessly using a second magnet attached to the bottom of the car. It could be the efficient and practical solution we need in hybrid motoring.

The future technology on offer is fascinating. We can’t wait for these technologies to become an everyday reality. And we can’t wait to see what comes next!

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