8 Call of Duty: Warzone Plunder Tips for Bagging Cash


Warzone comes up with a new game mode – the Plunder mode – that allows players to amass as much cash as they can get their hands on. This is a very welcome change, given the almost traditional Warzone’s battle royale mode that left players asking for more. 

In this game mode, we have teams of 4 players, each battling it out against the other to get the biggest amount of cash. Follow the tips in this article to learn how you can win in this battle against time. Also, check out Undetected Warzone Cheat with ESP to help you level up in your game.

Tips for bagging cash in Call of Duty: Warzone plunder mode

  • Always have eyes on those important spots 

Your map should have a good percentage of your concentration. We’re not saying you should completely forget the gunfights going on around you. However, the map gives you useful information about the location of key items.

Also, you’ll see players with the highest amount of cash in the game marked on the map. This will help you know where to look in your search for money.

  • Don’t land on the plane’s flight path.

You’ll still have other players in the plane that are yet to land and are most likely to land close to you. So try as much as possible to go far away from the plane’s flight path in the shortest time possible after landing.

Locate the nearest loot position on the map and make sure you have some good weapons on you before you get into any fights. 

  • Some locations hold more cash than others.

You shouldn’t expect to find the same amount of cash in every crate you open. Here are some of the locations that hold a huge amount of cash: train station, downtown, airport, TV station, and the superstore. However, you should be alert when approaching these buildings to avoid bloody gunfights. 

  • Go for buildings that look secure.

You can be sure of finding all the cash in a building intact if the doors are still secure. If a building has its doors open, it’s most likely that another player has already taken all the money it contains. Moreover, if you’re approaching buildings that have their doors open, avoid standing directly in front of doors. You might have an opponent standing inside the building with his gun aimed at you.

  • Avoid carrying too much cash.

Plunder allows players to loot cash from players they’ve killed. This means you can take all the items on an enemy you killed and also take loot from you if you get killed.

Once you have so much money on you, make it to a helipad and deposit all the cash on you. You can also save your money in Cash deposit balloons found in loot crates.

  • Complete Scav contracts

Scavenger contracts reward you with huge amounts of cash after completing them. In scavenger contracts, you’ll be required to find supply crates and get all the money found in them in addition to your cash reward. 

Thankfully, you’ll be shown the location of the crates. You only have to find the crate and collect everything in them, killing anything that comes between you and the crate.

  • Shoot down helicopters

You’ll be looking for all possible ways to make cash in this game. Shooting down helicopters is a good way to make some extra cash. Mind you; your riffles will give you a tough time shooting them out of the skies. 

To help you with this, equip yourself with rocket launchers – they’ll give the best results. Also, this can be a deadly task, so make it as quick as possible.

  • Make use of the tactical gear.

Since you already have one of your loadouts automatically, you should focus on getting yourself some tactical gear. Again, we recommend the heartbeat sensor as a good choice. This tablet-like device shows you the approximate position of enemies on the map, indicated by green dots.

It will help to save you from surprise attacks. Also, you’ll be able to keep up on enemies with the surprise element in your favor.


Players will always need cash to purchase items in COD. Before adding the Plunder mode, you could only find cash when you completed scavenger contracts or in loot boxes. Plunder is one of the quickest ways to save up all the money you can find. We have provided some tips in the article that you’ll help you gather the cash faster and smarter. 

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