What The Tech Industry Can Learn From Online Game Companies


From the outside, the tech and gaming industries can appear similar if not the same but they’re two distinctive groups of companies. The gaming industry is employing so many exciting and profitable tactics right now to improve their customer experience and the tech industry could be doing the same.

Mobile gaming is where it’s at and these companies have to work harder to stand out from the crowd. As a result, they are pioneering new techniques that make their customers select them. Having an app that makes an excellent first impression that shows the company to be high quality and better than the average site. New sites with casino games, like those on www.newcasinosonline.org, use well engineered apps to entice their users in.

The model that most development studios now use is the freemium based model, which gives players the option to use their service for free or upgrade the experience with cash. The tech industry as a whole could learn volumes from this model, as they could give users a taste of their product before giving them the option to upgrade. This has to be handled in a certain way however, or it can come off as irritating to the user.

MicrosoftIf you’ve been a fan of a company like Microsoft or Intel for a number of years, the chances are you don’t get anything back for that loyalty. In mobile gaming, they reward the players that continue to come back and spend, which encourages brand loyalty. 50% of the revenue made on mobile games comes from just 19% of their players, so it makes sense to reward accordingly. If you had a loyalty scheme in place for your chosen tech provider then the chances are that you would shop there more often.

game smartphoneInnovation is a massive part of what makes mobile gaming so successful, and it’s something that tech companies should be paying more attention to. Mobile games like Plants Vs Zombies are original and were the first of their kind, which is what we want to see more of in the rest of our tech. Instead of imitating one another, tech companies must place more emphasis on pioneering new products that are totally unique.

Finally, more needs to be done to make purchasing tech easy and fun again. Less emphasis should be placed on comparing specs and more on the feeling of attainment that comes with buying gadgets. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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