8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Windows 10


If you own a PC, you’ve no doubt been asked to upgrade to Windows 10 (if you don’t have the new OS already). Boasting plenty of new features and so-far launching much better than previous iterations, 10 is both a streamlined and yet complex OS all at the same time. It is primarily productivity-focused, and most of the changes are minor (Outside of Edge and Cortana), but they add to up to a lot of big improvements. In order to shed some light on some of the minor changes, we wanted to fill you in on 8 little secrets you may not have known about your new operating system.

You Can Enter GodMode

This is a term usually associated with video games, but the concept is pretty similar. When activated, GodMode will allow you to control basically everything about the OS from one central location. Instead of having to click through a bunch of different windows and files, all your administrative power will be displayed clearly for you.

Windows Support is a Click Away

Let’s say you don’t know exactly how to use that GodMode or you’re confused about another aspect of the OS. Accessing the Windows Support App will let you get in touch with Microsoft Support quicker and more efficiently than ever before. The best part is that this instant service is absolutely free for ten years.

You can do App Recording

The PlayStation 4 offered that handy share button right on their controllers that let players instantly record and upload gameplay… Windows 10 offers something very similar called Game Bar-recording. This lets you record any game or any app that you play or access on your Windows 10 device, which will be great for YouTube!

You Can Look at Offline Maps

This may seem simple, but it’s actually a pretty big deal. Let’s say you’re using your GPS to find a backwoods mountain cabin, but your device loses service. With Windows 10, that doesn’t matter! You can still use the map to find your location and plot your course, even if the entire internet shut down all at once.

You Can Shed Your Old Skin

Just because you upgrade your OS doesn’t mean that the old one completely disappeared. Outdated files and other content take up a lot of unnecessary space on your computer, but Windows 10 conveniently puts everything in a folder for you- a folder marked “Windows.old.”

You can Move Your Recycle Bin Closer

And, of course, speaking of the recycle bin, wasn’t it annoying to have to click back and forth between endless screens in order to be able to get rid of something? You don’t have to do that anymore thanks to Windows 10 giving you the ability to put your recycle bin on the task bar, shortening the amount of time it takes you to occasionally clean things out of your hard drive and helping you keep your digital workspace clean and organized, which will ultimately increase productivity.

You Can Multitask Like Never Before

Computer monitors are getting bigger all the time, which means there is a ton of extra space on your screen that you haven’t really been able to take advantage of before. “Snapping” apps allows you to quickly and easily open up multiple windows for researching while writing, watching walkthroughs while gaming, or surfing the Internet while watching a movie. There are also quick one-button actions you can perform such as connecting to a VPN, adjusting brightness, enabling Bluetooth, etc. Finally, you can create multiple desktops for school, work and home so that you’re always on task.

You Can Play Xbox One Games on Your Computer

If you’re a gamer living in a crowded home, you may be familiar with the constant frustration of having a family member or roommate hogging the TV when you want to play a game of Halo. Thanks to Windows 10’s integration with Microsoft’s XBOX One close, you can now stream and play certain Xbox One games on your computer, tablet, or any other Windows 10 device in your home. You can also capture, share and edit Xbox One gameplay right from your computer, which is a simple yet useful advantage console gamers have never really had before.

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