Smartphones and Tablets with the Best Battery Life


Most people love their mobile devices, and the overwhelming majority of them have felt that twinge of panic when their battery goes critical and they’re nowhere near a charger. Whether you need something to do on your subway ride home from work or you want to be able to communicate when in a remote location, a long lasting battery on your cellphone or tablet is a top priority. If you’re looking to buy your next device, this list should give you a good idea of what some of the best smartphones and tablets are on the market today when it comes to battery. In no particular order:


Everyone is looking for something different in a mobile phone, whether it’s screen size or service carrier. Something nobody should compromise on, though, is battery life. Here are the three best phones you can get in regards to battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5- The Galaxy is the iPhone of the Android lineup, and the Note 5 is simply a fantastic device. Rather than a straight-up smartphone, though, you may commonly hear the Note referred to as a “phablet,” which basically means a phone with a big screen. While the battery is no removable, it boasts 15 hours of battery life, which is incredible considering everything else the phone offers.

LG Volt- When it comes to a phone, LG knows how to keep a things inexpensive while including a strong battery at the same time. What the Volt lacks in size and power, it makes up for with an almost 16.5 hour battery life. In summary- it’s compact, it’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it will last you a heck of a long time.

ZTE Grand X Max+- Just slightly outclassing the LG Volt, the ZTE Grand X Max+ will give you around 16.6 hours of use off a single charge. However, it’s a much bigger phone (the screen is 6″ compared to the Volt’s 4.7″ and the Note 5’s 5.7″), and it boasts a wide range of features. So if you’re looking for something small and compact, go elsewhere, but if big and powerful is your thing, you’ll love the ZTE Grand X Max+.


Just like battery is important with phones, it’s crucial for tablets as well. I’m actually writing this article on a tablet while sitting in my car, so battery is crucial in order to ensures that I get all my work done on time and can still watch some Netflix afterwards. These are the three best tablets when it comes to battery.

Apple iPad Air 2– There’s no getting around the popularity of Apple products, so if you must have an iPad, the Air 2 is the way to go. The lightweight device boasts a faster processor than the previous version and a decent 10 hour battery that will get you a few days of casual use without having to plug it in.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2– Truly the most unique of all the tablet manufacturers, Lenovo is also becoming known for their great batteries. The Yoga 2 comes in three different versions- 8″, 10″ and 13″, each of which gives you about 13 hours of use on a full charge. The Yoga also features a built-in kickstand, saving you from having to buy a case, and you can even buy one with a built in projector!

LG G Pad- While LG is not quite as well known for their tablets as they are for their smartphones, they definitely know how to build a tablet with a good battery, especially for how cheap they are when compared to most other tablets. The G Pad comes in a 7″ and 10″ model, which boast an 11 and 13 hour battery life, respectively. If you’re not too worried about features or aesthetics, you definitely can’t go wrong with an LG G Pad.

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