A new Star Wars movie is in the works…


The sale of Lucasfilm to Disney certainly rocked the headlines recently; some fans were understandably upset and perhaps a bit worried about what this might mean to the future of their beloved franchise.  Are their fears unfounded?  Will we soon see the Star Wars series morph into something entirely unrecognizable?

All is apparently not lost; as director and screen writer Zack Snyder has apparently signed on to help create a “stand alone” movie set in the Star Wars universe.  Yes, in case you haven’t heard already, Mr. Snyder is currently working on what has been dubbed as a loose adaptation of the film “Seven Samurai” (which itself is a variation on the film “The magnificent seven”).

Zack Snyder

Without a doubt some of you are fuming out there right now with the news about yet another seemingly dangerous excursion for the series.  However, what many might not realize is that the film “Seven Samurai” has already served as a primary inspiration for the original trilogy.

Zack Snyder is of course one of the most praised up-and-coming directors on the scene having already given us such lauded films as 2004’s “Dawn of the Dead”, “Watchmen”, and of course the now legendary “300” (which he also wrote the screenplay for).  Needless to say, it would be tough to think of someone more deserving of a shot at directing the next Star Wars flick than Snyder, especially given his skill in directing movies with a distinctive blend of action and Sci-Fi elements.

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