Gila GX Gaming Mouse Review


GX-Gaming is known for producing high-end peripherals and accessories catering to the gaming community, but they’ve really outdone themselves with this truly next generation gaming mouse, dubbed the “Gila”.

In short, the Gila is a laser mouse that’s designed for use with mmorpg-style or real-time strategy games.  It comes equipped with 12 buttons as well as an incredible host of other features that are not only super-impressive, but also somewhat revolutionary.   For those who understand the need for quick access to various types of user-defined macro settings, this mouse is a godsend.  You can literally fire up a game like World of Warcraft and almost rely entirely on the mouse for control (assuming that you’re fairly experienced with the game).

But that’s not all; inside the back cover you’ll find a series of weights which can be removed; this allows gamers to define their ideal mouse weight (which is actually more important than you’d think for PC gamers).  Other features include 32K onboard memory (to prevent game block), Over-clocking – SGCii: 200 dpi to 8200 dpi, and even gold-plated USB connectors.

Gila GX Gaming Mouse Review -

Simply put, the Gila gives gamers a great deal more control over their on-screen action than ever before.  Now, gamers can not only use the scorpion interface to set up the mouse’s 72-keyed macro configuration(s), it can also allow them to control the actual response times of the unit along with other features which help to stabilize the on-screen action.

Rating – 8 / 10

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