A Virtual Wrestling Game that Delivers


There are very few wrestling games out there, let alone ones with value and merit. Get On Top is a free online wrestling game with an added twist to keep things interesting. This one one one fighting game offers challenging and entertaining gameplay for players of all ages and experience levels. This game offers a pretty easy and basic objective while also offering challenging and entertaining gameplay. In this article, we’ll tell you everything we love about Get On Top and why we think you’ll love it, too.


Get On Top is a one on one wrestling game available for free online. The objective and controls for this game are fairly basic. The game starts with two characters pictured in different colors locked at the hands and poised to wrestle. Your objective is to wrestle your opponent’s head to the ground first. Your only options for controls during the match, however, are to push your opponent, pull them back towards you, or jump up, as your hands remain locked for the duration of the match. One point is earned each by the standing player when their opponent’s head hits the ground, whether it is due to their efforts or an accident on the part of their opponent, and the first player to reach eleven points wins the match.

Where’s the Challenge?

So far, this game probably seems lame and not all that challenging, but don’t be so quick to judge. First off, your character’s hands remain locked with that of your opponent for the entire duration of the match. This makes it rather challenging to get your opponent’s head to the ground without accidentally touching your own to it. You can also earn a point for your opponent by accidentally hitting your head on the floor, which, as you can imagine, makes things quite a bit more challenging. This means you have to pay close attention to the angle at which your character is positioned and the amount of force you’re using in your moves, so you don’t hit your own head on the ground. The longer you hold the key, the harder your character will perform the action.

Why Should You Play?

This game offers virtual wrestling that is actually challenging and entertaining You’ll find yourself playing round after round to do better. If you play now, you can access this game at absolutely no cost to you from the best and most reliable online gaming website available. This game offers unique challenges through a fun wrestling game that’s sure to delight players of all ages and experience levels.

Online wrestling games are hard to come by, especially ones that actually challenge you and provide you with some level of entertainment. Get On Top is just that. This game offers an interesting challenge to a virtual wrestling game that’s sure to delight you for hours on end. This game is available for free, is easy to play, and actually provides you with some level of entertainment value. You won’t be disappointed that you gave this game a shot.

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