A Free Classic Shooter Game that’s Beyond Fun


There are very few free online shooter games that actually offer some value to the players. Strike Force Heroes provides a fun and challenging classic shooter option that’s available for free online. This game is a great option to still play a classic shooter game despite not having the latest console or the money to buy expensive new shooter games.


This great classic shooter game has three different gameplay modes: campaign, challenges, and quick match. You get your choice of four soldiers: medic, assassin, commando, and tank. Each soldier has unique skills, weapons, weaknesses, and strengths and you can even level up as you proceed through the game, making it even more like the shooters offered for consoles.

How to Play

You can use the W key, up arrow key, or the spacebar to jump; hold the S key or down arrow key to crouch; use the mouse to aim your weapon and click to shoot it; use the Q key or either Shift key to switch weapons. Just like with shooters for consoles, if you’re low on ammo you can find some to pick up and reload. The stage terrain in each level will help you choose the appropriate soldier to play in that level.

Where Can You Play It

Like with most free online games, there are a few different sources you can choose from on which to play the game. Freegames66 provides this game with excellent graphics, loading speed, and all on an entirely safe source website. They also have Strike Force Heroes 2 and Strike Force Heroes 3, so the game doesn’t have to be over once you beat the first Strike Force Heroes game.

Why You Should Play It

This game offers a variety of game modes, challenges, and a lot of entertaining content just like you’d find in the many classic shooter games you have to purchase, but for absolutely no cost to you. Freegames66 knows that not everyone can afford the latest gaming console or the newest games when they’re released; to help, they offer this extremely comparable free online version of a classic shooter, so you can still enjoy them despite not having the latest console. This game offers fun challenges and entertaining gameplay. That in combination with the variety of content and options this game has to choose from makes it very similar to the classic shooter games you’d purchase.

There aren’t many challenging and fun online shooter games available for free. When they are, they often aren’t challenging or entertaining enough to even be worth your time. That’s where Strike Force Heroes is different. This fun game offers extremely similar objectives, controls, and options as the shooter games you’d purchase but for entirely free and conveniently available on this website. They even have two more games available for you to play in the series so you don’t have to stop the fun once you’ve beaten the original Strike Force Heroes. Give this game a try today; you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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