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Geometric dash is a series of five video games with 21 official levels and over 50 million online levels created by players. The goal of this game is to reach the end of each level to complete it and move to the next. The player has access to seven separate forms, which acts differently. The chosen vehicle also has seven portals with different colors. This game has received many positive reviews from critics and it is often suggested that players finish the main stages in practice mode before trying other levels generated by players. 

You can play the geometry dash game online and put your reaction skills to test as you jump to avoid oncoming objects.

A list of the 21 Main Levels

Although millions of levels have been created by players through a game creation system, there are 21 official levels. Each of these levels has 3 coins and maintain a different difficulty level. They include:

  1. Stereo Madness
  2. Back on Track
  3. Polargeist
  4. Dry Out
  5. Base after Base
  6. Cant Let GO
  7. Jumper
  8. Time Machine
  9. Cycles
  10. xStep
  11. Clutterfunk
  12. Theory of Everything
  13. Electroman Adventures
  14. Clubstep
  15. Electrodynamix
  16. Hexagon Force
  17. Blast Processing
  18. Theory of Everything 2
  19. Geometrical Dominator
  20. Deadlocked
  21. Fingerdash

Tips to Play the Geometric Dash Game

1. Ignore the Secret Coins

While you play, you will see some secret coins and if you are a beginner, you could easily deviate from the path to get them. This could be distracting and although they are great and could be beneficial in the long run, you might want to ignore and focus on completing the level. If after some time, you believe you have mastered the game and can go for the secret coins without losing, then you can do just that. 

2. Use Practice Mode

It might be tricky to jump right into the game to beat each level but you may want to take a step back to try the practice mode. This might make things look a little bit slower but it will definitely be worth it, as it helps you learn all the tactics in the game. Also, you can drop checkpoints and not get stuck too often. Once you have learned the basics, you can then switch back to the regular game to make your progress count as you complete each level.

3. Learn to Take a Break

Never underestimate the power of breaks when playing a game. It could get frustrating, especially as a beginner, so taking a break could help you perform better upon return. The Geometry Dash game has enough colors and lights which might get you confused or give you a swirly vision at some point. Taking a break will help you relax your eyes, so you can revisit and see and think clearly while you play.


Before going for the full Geometry Dash package, it is always advisable to try Geometry Dash Lite, which gives you access to the first 10 levels to help you learn the basics. This will help you better understand the game before you purchase it. 

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