Worried About Hacking? Use These Awesome Technologies To Stop The Threat


We’ve all heard horror stories about the threat of hacking. Many have had their identities stolen and abused. Others have had their bank accounts hacked and drained. In the world of business, hacking has lead to embarrassing security leaks and loss of customer data. It’s a frightening new form of crime, not least because we don’t always understand it! It’s a scary concept because most of us have no idea how it happens.

If you’re worried about hacking, there are ways to strengthen your information. There are steps you can take that will help protect your personal data. There are no magic secrets when it comes to hacking. Cyber thieves simply exploit weaknesses or gaps in your security. If you keep them secure, locked and tightly guarded, you’ll stay safe. Without further ado, here are the cool technologies that will keep hackers at bay.

Encryption – Encryption has been around for centuries. It is a form of communication that scrambles your information into impenetrable code. The ancient Egyptians first used it as a form of cryptography. They would use codes to scramble the original meaning of communication. At the other end, the person with the code could unscramble it and read it. Modern encryption works in the same way. It will scramble your data into unreadable code. It’s great for keeping your information secret and secure. Just remember to update it regularly.

Data centres – If your business deals with tons of data, it should consider implementing this technology.  A data centre is built with safety and security at its heart. First of all, they’ll allow you to run a huge network with a series of servers. Secondly, they each have security features built in. They’ll securely retain customer data and any other relevant information.

Cloud services – Until recently, any backups would have to be made on a hard drive. You’d perhaps use an external drive to keep data safe. Unfortunately, they are at risk of being stolen. In fact, many data breaches occur through physical theft of a hard-drive or a laptop. Using cloud services helps you avoid that. You’ll backup all your information onto an internet locker. It’s much safer, and much more secure.

Passwords – You might not consider passwords as a particularly ‘awesome’ technology. But, we’re here to tell you that they are not to be underestimated. The best technology is simple and powerful. It doesn’t get much simpler or more effective than a strong password. We’ll still be using them in 15 years! Hackers will struggle to get around an intricate password. Complete it with numbers, letters and punctuation. Keep yours updated regularly and use different passwords for different services.

A real-life lock – Again, simple and powerful technology! As we mentioned previously, data breaches often happen through real life theft. Hackers will often steal laptops, phones or hard drives. Always try to keep these things under lock and key. When you’re travelling, use a portable travel lock and keep things close to you. If you leave them in the office overnight, keep them safely locked away.

Hacking is a scary reality of modern life. However, if you take these steps, you’ll strengthen your security and minimise hacking. Good luck!

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