For Teachers: 10 Web Apps to Teach Maths in the Classroom


Maths is an important part of any school curriculum, and a skill that all of us rely upon in our daily lives. Teaching childrens maths from an early age ensures that they will be able to build upon what they have learnt as they progress through school, but sometimes that job can be a bit tough.

Kids tend to lose focus and concentration easily, and for some kids maths can be a pretty boring subject. So to help engage and educate them, we can use some online web apps to encourage learning. Here are 10 educational web apps that you can check out: Maths Games

The website features some free maths games that your students can try such as “Angles, from basic rules to circle theorems”, although the website does offer more games for a subscription fee.

Visit the Maths Games website.


The Sumdog website offers free educational maths games to help motivate your students when they are learning maths. You can set up a free school account, and use the website’s automated lesson tools to monitor their work.

Visit the Sumdog website.

Udemy Maths Courses

The Udemy websites has a number of free and paid-for maths lessons covering a number of topics such as algebra, trigonometry, GCSE specific maths lessons, and more.

Visit the Udemy Maths Courses website.

ICT Games

Over on the ICT Games website you will find a number of interactive and engaging Flash-based maths games which can be a useful aid to teaching primary school pupils a wide variety of maths-related topics.

Visit the ICT Games website.

Maths Games

Maths Games provides links to all sorts of fun and interactive maths games that all of your pupils can enjoy. There are counting, adding, fraction, percentage, shape and measurement games available to play.

Visit the Maths Games website.

BBC Skillswise

The BBC Skillswise website is more suited to adults looking to learn or improve upon their existing knowledge of maths. Over 38 different easy to follow games are available to play on the website.

Visit the BBC Skillswise website.

Count On

When you visit the Count On website, you will be greeted with a plethora of fun and engaging games and puzzles that people of all ages will enjoy playing.

Visit the Count On website.

The features a pretty awesome selection of maths games which can all be played from a web browser. Popular games such as Brain Racer, Algebra Meltdown, Math Copter 2 and more are available to play here.

Visit the website.

Maths Champs

A vast range of exciting games are on offer from the Maths Champs website! There are games suitable for pupils aged 5 to 7, 7 to 9, and 9 to 11. The more your pupils win, the higher up they will get on the Maths Champs high score table.

Visit the Maths Champs website.

The website features a number of games, puzzles and teacher aids.

Visit the website.

Hopefully this list of maths games will keep your pupils occupied and learning, but if you would like to see some more maths resources, do check out the Maths Doctor website.

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