Android vs Apple: The Ultimate Showdown


The battle between Android and Apple is the true modern debate. It separates families and friends. In a certain way, it defines you as a person. An iPhone user identifies with Apple in a  very real way, just as Android users do with their phones. The choice is a very personal one and it is often formed from an undefinable connection. We can’t always say why we like our particular preference, we just know it’s the best.

The only way to sift through personal opinions is to look at the facts. In order to figure which is the best we must look at functionality, power and apps. Both smartphones function in a similar way. They both make use of touch screen technology. They are both personalised with useful apps and services to make it your own. Let’s put aside our emotional feelings for a second, and find out which is the best.


There is room for disagreement here. Everyone has different preferences on how they want their phone to function. They both make calls and send text messages. You can use a really awesome tool with both of them. However, it is widely considered that Apple’s usability is superior. Its operating system is generally more intuitive. Apple phones don’t even come with an instruction manual because they are so simple. Everything is where you want it to be. In terms of functionality, we’re going to give this one to Apple.


The true heart of the Apple vs Android debate lies in the Appstore and Android Market Place. A phone is only as good as the apps you put on it. The truth is that Android now sells more apps than Apple. Even when you take into account apps downloaded on the iPad, Android holds the lead. Android also has more apps available than Apple (just). So if it’s choice you’re looking for, Android is the one. Apple also has stricter rules on publishing apps onto the App Store. It is much easier to develop an app and have it released on Android.


Although Apple led the way in terms of power, it has been overtaken by certain Android devices. The new Sony models and many HTC models have much higher power built in to the phones. In some cases, the camera quality is superior on Android devices too. On the other hand, there are plenty of mediocre and poor Android models. One thing you can say about Apple is that they are consistent. There are five or six models on the market and they are all exceptional. Android has hundreds of models using its system, many are very low quality.

In the end, it really does come down to personal preferences. A phone is a very personal device. It is used on a daily basis to perform your everyday tasks. You must feel comfortable using it. it must become a seamless part of your life. Only you can decide which one fits into your world. We can simply tell you the facts. In terms of sheer numbers, Android shifts more phones. As a consequence, they shift more apps. However, Apple has a more friendly user experience and is consistent in quality. The decision, I’m afraid, is all yours.

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