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God knows, the internet is full of enough distractions already. But there can always be more ways to put off the vital homework assignment or work deadline until tomorrow. There can always be some fascinating corner of the internet that you hadn’t previously encountered, keeping you from going on that run or doing your laundry.

We certainly understand the problem, but we’re not here to help you get to work. Instead here, are a bunch of sites we think are pretty cool:


This is a handy user-aggregated website. That means that users submit content, encompassing anything from news articles to works of art and original stories. It has a number of “Sub-Reddits” which pertain to every interest and hobby, whether it’s as broad as World News or as peculiar as Geocaching. The catch with Reddit is that it has something for everyone, and with a huge and vibrant user community, it’s sure to swallow you up for hours at a time.

This is a bit of a weird one, but it’s definitely worth taking a look at. TV Tropes is dedicated to documenting various aspects of stories in media, including what they have in common and where they are unique. It’s a very hard one to explain, but it makes for very compelling reading, as it shows you old things in new and interesting ways. Bonus interest if you’re hoping to write for the screen.

This one’s a little less out there. It’s a simple and user-friendly database of phone numbers and area codes that allows you to find a number and identify the person that just called. It also has more complex functions, including identifying time zones by area codes, and a whole range of nifty niche uses for work and home.

This is a really handy one for when you’re looking for something to watch. It’s essentially a recommendation engine, meaning that you enter a movie or tv title, and it will show you more like it. Another cool function it has lets you sort movies by categories. This means that you can get a title in your favourite genre, with a particular mood or which has been given many awards.


This is another weird one. The makers of OK Cupid started collecting data on their dating website. The outcomes of their research are fascinating, funny and compellingly presented. It’s one of those websites you end up spending hours and hours on, when you thought you’d be done with it in a few minutes. Definitely a strange and interesting way to spend an evening.

BFI Interactive

This really cool site shows you the definitive list of the most critically acclaimed films in a cool interactive format. It shows you which critics endorsed which films, alongside their overall rankings and a short synopsis. Overall it’s a great way to take on the classics of film without having to do much research, and it makes the whole affair very accessible.

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