Assisted Suicide Fake Promotion Stunt


The live assisted suicide that was portrayed to be broadcasted live on, and made international media, turned out to be a fake promotion stunt. Owner of promised to the media that he was showing a live assisted suicide on his website. Was it real? NO. Did many believe it was? Yes.

The site received more than 150k people who were all watching to see the ‘live assisted suicide’.

To read the original story unfold read here.

The video cut in, and people believed it was real. 30 seconds in to the video people were thinking, this isn’t real!? 30 seconds later, people knew it was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Alki then had a short talk. He claims the man who was supposed to be the brain cancer patient was simply his Boat captain, the supposed wife of the patient was his house keeper, and the doctors were real. The location and setting of the prank we pre-recorded in Greece.

We captured the views from one of the sites largest video broadcasters, UKRulez: After the show, UKRulez – James, states that Alki is a big inspiration to many people, especially those who are young. He is quoted: “Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of a site that offers entertainment and inspiration? To me, Alki is a celebrity, perhaps not the David Beckham, but the business version. How many celebrities, film makers and entrepreneurs video broadcast via a website on a daily basis?”

James, UKRulez, goes on to say, “for those who haven’t heard about the site, or those just learning about it, you can consider it a replacement for TV, literally!  Those who video broadcast earn rewards, since when did TV offer such an incentive? It’s LIVE, it’s fun, you can earn rewards and it’s FREE. The promotion stunt has simply alerted more people to what the site has to offer, and, I’m sure they will be impressed.”

If what James was saying sounds appealing, then you should indefinitely checkout

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