First ever assisted suicide broadcast live over the internet via Billionaires website



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Assisted suicide is a touchy subject, should it happen or shouldn’t it happen? These are the questions asked by many. Assisted suicide is illegal in many countries; however, one country it is legal in is Switzerland.

This question will now be taken to a totally new level. Should an assisted suicide be broadcast live over the internet? Owner of and, named Alki David, announced to the media that he would be broadcasting a live suicide on his website to a mass audience.

On the 30th July 2011 UK time, an assisted suicide was to be broadcasted live on a website called

How is this possible? The owner of the website had claimed he arranged in advance with the family and patient in question, who was said to be a terminally ill Russian brain cancer patient. The incentive for the patient wishing to commit live assisted suicide was that his family would receive a payment, which is believed to be large.

Why would Alki David do this? Everyone has an opinion; however, it seems clear that this was partly a promotion stunt for his new websites.

Fake? Before the assisted suicide was shown live on, and when it was first suggested that it would take place, many thought it was an internet rumour or a joke. However, the promotion stunt fooled many, and it did turn out to be nothing more than fake – read here.

How much was the family paid? Although this wasn’t confirmed by the owner, the rumour is that it was $200k.

Shockwaves were sent around the internet. Should a live assisted suicide be profited from and provided as entertainment to a mass audience?

Mr Alki David said that this prank would bring many questions, however, it is clear this was another one of Alki Davids marketing stunts. What’s more is that many media agencies belived this was going to be real:

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