Awesome Ways You Can Deal With Messy Wires Around Your Computer


Anyone that has a computer knows the struggle of trying to stop your cables and wires from getting tangled. Many a man has tried, and failed, to keep their wires from tangling up. It seems impossible, unavoidable even. But, of course, nothing is impossible. I’ve got some sneaky ways you can get rid of cable clutter around your computer:

Cable Organizer

There are loads of cable organizers out there that can get rid of your messy wires. You’re able to group them all together and stop them from getting tangled up. You can even make it easier for you to see where each cable goes, from the power supply, right to your computer. It won’t make the wires disappear off the face of the earth, but it will certainly help keep them tidy.

Get A POE Switch

A Power Over Ethernet switch refers to a device that lets you transmit power through ethernet cables. How will this clean up your wires? Well, some devices, near your PC, will need to be connected via ethernet to get a network connection. But, they’ll also need to be connected to a power supply, with another cable. If you have a POE switch, you can get rid of the power cables for some of your devices. Instead, you need a POE power supply that can pump power through the switch and into your devices. Thus, you have significantly fewer wires around your computer at work or home.

Cable Boxes

You can buy these things called cable boxes that will be of great help to you. No matter how tidy you make your computer area, there will always be a power strip with all the plugs connected. This can look messy and be very unattractive, particularly if you’re working in an office, and you want your business to look neat and tidy. With a cable box, you simply pop the power strip inside, and it’s completely concealed. It will look a lot better and mate things far neater.

Wireless Devices

Think about getting rid of wires wherever possible. For things like the keyboard and mouse, they don’t have to be wired. You can buy a wireless keyboard and mouse that will hook up to any computer that has Bluetooth connectivity. This way, you aren’t going to have wires that run in front of your computer all the way to the back. Also, another source of wires are external speakers. If you have speakers near your computer, they can require loads of wires – and I mean loads! The worst thing about speaker wires is that they’re always the thinnest and get the most tangled up. But, you can get wireless speakers for your PC, and you’ll be getting rid of a huge amount of wires.

It’s important you try and minimize the amount of cables you have round your computer. Too many cables can end up getting tangled up and leading to a safety hazard. They could end up rubbing together so much that the outer rubber wears away and you have live wires exposed. Or, you could trip over the wires and send your computer crashing to the ground. Make sure you keep them tidy and minimize the amount of cables you have.

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