Brilliant Car Tech To Keep You Safe On The Roads


There is nowhere more dangerous than a busy road. Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians – we are all at risk. The good news is, there are plenty of smart people out there that have our best interests at heart. There have been plenty of developments in car technology in recent years, especially those that are helping to cut down on accidents. And, of course, keep people alive. We thought we would celebrate those innovations by highlighting them for you today. Let’s take a closer look.

Collision sensors

Collision sensors are springing up in plenty of new cars, although there is still some way to go before they saturate the market.

They work with sensors and radar to make sure that your car keeps a safe distance from the vehicle in front when you are in cruise control. If it thinks there is going to be a crash, it will break hard and tighten up the seat belts to prevent too much body movement.

Collision sensors are an expensive accessory at the moment, but what price can you put on your and your family’s life?

Lane changes alarm

When you are on a motorway, it can be hard to see how quickly the cars behind you are traveling. So, when it comes to changing lanes, it can put you in a precarious position.

Lane change alarms will work out the speed and distance of the car behind for you, and sound an alarm if it isn’t safe to overtake. Again, it’s an expensive tech at the moment, but as it becomes more popular, expect to see it come down in price. Head over to Daimler’s Distronic info page for more details.

Rear view cameras

The rear view camera is an incredibly handy little gadget – especially if you can’t reverse park! But it’s also a fantastic safety tool.

Car parks are more dangerous than you might think, and with the size of our cars getting ever bigger, it can be difficult to see when anything is behind you. Small children can easily run out behind you, and because of your seating position, you won’t see them.

So, a rearview camera is going to help you avoid a potential disaster, as well as protect your car. They are cheap, too – head over to the TadiBrothers website to see what’s on offer. And, expect to see them as a standard feature in new cars in the future.

Emergency response systems

When you have an accident, it would be nice to think that your troubles are over. But the trouble with car crashes is that the initial accident is just the start.

There are dangers of fires, and if it’s night time you won’t have a clue where you are. Your doors might be locked, and you won’t be able to get out, and you may lose your phone amongst the wreckage. It’s a good job that a number of different emergency systems are in use these days, then.

Some cars will unlock your doors after a crash, turn on the lights, and shut down your fuel supply and battery. Volkswagen even makes their cars turn on hazard lights when the airbags go off, so other drivers can see you. Expect more tech like this to become available as manufacturers embrace safety even more.

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