How To Scale Your Business With AI


The AI revolution is coming; indeed, some would say it’s already here. Many systems around the world are already integrated with AI processes, whether that’s machine learning for marketing purposes or developing advanced AI helpers to assist with diverse areas of business

The fact is that if your business isn’t using AI to some degree, then you could be losing out when it comes to scaling and growing. Eventually, your competitors are going to start using this revolutionary, groundbreaking technology, and when they do, you don’t want to fall behind. Here are just some of the ways you can use AI to scale your business and gain a competitive advantage.

Use machine learning for customer service

One of the strongest ways you can augment your business with AI is to allocate some of your customer service resources to AI. Think about it; why would customers want to engage in lengthy, potentially disruptive dialogues with human beings when they can easily access chatbots that can complete their requests for them?

You have to be sparing when you apply artificial intelligence to customer service, however. Bear in mind that it can be a great option for customers who have fairly basic needs, but for those who want something more advanced, you’re going to need to send them to human beings who can assist them.

Integrate AI into demographic research

Artificial intelligence can help you to trawl your demographic market research and figure out more detailed information about your customers. It can do this by automatically scanning for certain keywords or pieces of information, for example, that you can then use to create better content to tailor your services to your demographic.

You can also use AI to send out email marketing chains and surveys. Automatically generating questions or survey directions based on what you want to know is something you can delegate to an AI, thus eliminating the need to spend hours poring over what you want to say.

Another way to use AI to scale your business is to try and use machine learning and artificial intelligence systems to predict trends in your industry. Many businesses are already integrating technology like this into their prediction systems and enjoying a huge level of success as a result.

In a nutshell, it works like this. Artificial intelligence examines what’s been happening in your industry, taking into account any variables you might care to feed it (i.e. wildcards, world events that might have altered the course, et cetera). From there, your AI will try to predict what happens next, giving you the edge when it comes to moving first.

Watch analytics using AI

Whenever you put a marketing campaign together and try to figure out whether it’s going to be successful or not, you’re already using algorithms. This AI system will try to understand what you want from your campaign, and some systems are even smart enough to give you a projection on whether you’ll succeed or not.

Using that information, you can tailor your campaign to ensure maximum ROI. AI can tell you whether or not customers are likely to click on something you’ve created or open an email you’ve sent, and by knowing this, you can decide whether it’s worth your while moving forward with your intended campaign direction.

Automate content on social media

This is a slightly dangerous world to get into; if you automate your social media content too much, then you’ll come across as an artificial brand. However, generating constant content on social media to the degree it demands can be exhausting, and that’s where AI comes in.

Using AI automation and scheduling, you can generate and schedule content on social media that your followers and fans will love. You’ve got to make sure the system you’re using is smart enough to generate good content, though, or else this could backfire on you, so make sure you know what you’re doing first.

Look into potential hires with AI

Many recruiters are already making use of AI processes when they hire new staff. This could range from screening CVs and cover letters for certain terms or phrases all the way to automatically creating job interview questions for applicants to answer. There are many applications for AI in the recruitment space.

Another way this could work would be for a company to create an automated form for users to fill in when they apply for a job. AI would then sort through those forms, looking for answers it deems appropriate. Again, a human should definitely be involved in this process at some point, but you’d be amazed just how much you can delegate to AI.

AI can spot new opportunities for you

As well as predicting business and market trends, AI can also scout out new business opportunities for you. These may not be trends about to hit your industry, but rather new niches and other underserved demographics that other businesses just aren’t focusing on right now.

For example, let’s say you run a tech company. An AI could look for ways in which your company could expand to encapsulate new demographics and services, all while keeping your core identity intact. It could do this more efficiently than a human, due to having access to more data sets and being able to parse them much quicker than any human could.

Naturally, there are lots of ways that AI can impact the business space, and these are just a few of them. Expect to see more and more integration with artificial intelligence when it comes to the business world in future!

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