What Can Tech Do to Lower Fraud Cases in the World of Business?


Fraud is a big deal in the world of business. Many companies fall victim to it each year, and in many cases, it can be devastating. Some small businesses never recover from instances of fraud, so it’s an issue that must be taken seriously. Tech should play a bigger role in how companies fight fraud these days. Here are some examples of how that can be done.

Data Analytics

Data analytics can be very important when it comes to fighting fraud. When you are on top of your accounts and what’s going out of the company, you can track it all and account for it. This is important and can be done using data analytics. If you don’t track the money going out of the company closely enough, an employee could be committing fraud without you even noticing. This is how most fraud is carried out. It’s done covertly from within the business without anyone suspecting anything at all. But tracking cash flow and looking closely at the data can stop it in its tracks.

Firewalls to Prevent Scams

Firewalls are very useful, and all businesses, no matter how big or small they are, should have one in place. They can protect your network and computer systems in order to block potential scams. Fraudsters often use these online scams to extract money from unsuspecting individuals or business owners. But if you have a strong firewall in place, you can make sure that scams never get through to you in the first place. You should know how to identify and dismiss scams when they do arise, though. Anything that seems too good to be true probably is, so don’t be fooled by something that looks like a good prospect without digging deeper.


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Always Be Alert and Careful When Receiving Payments

Some people pose as customers in order to defraud businesses, so this is something to be aware of. Always be alert when receiving payments because this is when potential fraudsters will strike. If you accept credit cards, be sure to use the right technology so that you can remain safe and in control at all times. You should also learn how to spot counterfeit currency in case someone pays a large sum of money in cash. You don’t want to be left with a lot of worthless and illegal currency and nothing to show for it. Cheque fraud is something else you also still need to be aware of.

Internal Access Control

Sometimes, avoiding fraud is as simple as controlling who has access to money inside your business. Of course, anyone can steal from you, so there is no way of ruling it out completely. But you can control who has the opportunity to steal from you. And when that’s the case, it’s harder for fraudsters to hide their crimes and you will know who to hold accountable. You can use technology that controls access to certain rooms so that only authorised people can get close to the company’s cash. Make sure you only allow people you trust to do this.

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