5 Handy Gadgets for Travelling


With the digital age upon us, traveling long distances has become a lot less boring thanks to the many technological advancements and cool gadgets that this has brought us. In the past, you would have had to keep your mind occupied with games like “I-spy” and maybe even the odd crossword puzzle; thank god those days are gone. Now we’ve got a whole host of toys to keep us engaged, but not only that, we’ve also got many accessories that make traveling more comfortable and enjoyable.

This is a guide to the top 5 gadgets that you need when traveling at home or abroad.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you’re on a train traveling across Europe, or you’ve invested in cruises from Sydney, ensuring you can get some quiet time whenever you need it is essential. Sometimes there is nothing we can do about those boisterous kids in the cabin next door, so we just have to accept they youthful exuberance and plug our ears as best we can.

Personal WiFi

For those amongst you who need to be in constant contact with the outside world, investing in your own personal WiFi can make traveling that little bit more enjoyable. You can either pick up a mobile dongle or sign up to one of the many hot spot services that are popping up every year. This will ensure you’re not relying on an unsecured hotel service or weak connections on trains and on the move.


Most people have these as standard nowadays anyway, but just in case you’re lagging behind the in crowd, purchasing a smartphone, even just on pay as you go, can make a drastic change to the way you travel. You might think that your only option is the £600+ iPhone, but in reality there are lots of different choices. In fact, I recently bought a new Windows 8 phone for £69.99, and this has all the same features. So shop around, it doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Portable Power

If you think you’ll be spending the best part of your day on the move, carrying a portable power supply unit is a really good idea. Smartphones especially will run out of battery very quickly if you’re constantly using sat nav apps and watching guides and videos, so being able to charge it on the go is truly beneficial. Also, most of these portable power supplies are cheaper than you might imagine. I managed to pick one up for around £20, and it does the job perfectly.


Admittedly, I prefer a good old book, but if carrying the weight of books is a problem, and if you simply haven’t got enough space, an E-Reader will be able to store hundreds of titles in one slim gadget, meaning you won’t fall behind with your favourite authors anymore.

So there you have it my travel buddies. A quick and simple guide to the 5 most popular gadgets used by travellers today. Hopefully now that 6 hour train journey won’t be so soul destroying.

Have fun!

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