Color Switch: How To Become a Pro


This guide is designed to help you master the game, Color Switch, a game by the Poki portal, which is available as a smartphone app on both Android and iOS. You can also play the game from any flash-enabled web browser. Whilst simple at the core, Color Switch can take some time to master. Here we provide you with some crucial tips that will help you to reach the best possible score. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

  1. Understand How You Play Color Switch

Before moving on to the actual tips, it’s important to ensure you actually know the rules, first. Color Switch is a simple game which is designed to test your reactions. The mouse (or your finger when used on smartphones) act as the controller. Each click or tap result in the ball bouncing. The aim of the game is to successfully pass the ball through the revolving shapes. As the name suggests, the colors on both the ball and the shapes constantly switch. If the ball is blue, then you must correctly bounce the ball through the blue area of the shape. This process will continue to change and become more difficult. Now let’s move on to some useful tips.

  1. Stay focused and Relaxed

Ensure the environment you’re playing in is distraction-free. After all, if you’ve got children running around or a noisy room, then you won’t be able to concentrate and you can only expect to achieve a low score.

  1. Pause the Game when Needed

You’ve got an itch? Pause the game before it becomes too irresistible that you suddenly have to abandoned them game. Maybe you need to get a drink? Just hit the pause button. Don’t forget to take a break occasional, repetitive actions can gradually strain your eyes. Not just this, but your brain will also show signs that it wants you to step away for a few moments.

  1. Lower or Mute the Music

The music is actually very pleasant and easy on the ears. However, as mentioned before, distractions aren’t good when playing this type of game. For this reason, you’ll probably find it useful to put the music on mute, or at least to lower it. The sound effects attempt to egg you on and cause you to bounce the ball at the wrong time.

  1. Practice, Practice and more Practice

The more you play the better you’ll become. Try to keep your frustrations down to a minimum. Also understand that you’ll die many times, it’s just the nature of this type of game, but don’t let this put you in a negative frame of mind. You might want to note that the top score you can possibly reach is 999.

Hopefully these tips will help accelerate your score next time when you decide to play Color Switch. If you have any tips that we might not have mentioned, then please leave them in the comment box below.

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