Compared: PS4 vs. PS5


PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 resolution is at 1080p at its best which is miles away from that of the game system consoles that were its successors. The PS4 looks different from its predecessors as well physically. The PS4 has two different layers with a gap separating the layers where the disc drive and the USB ports are located. There are two USB ports in the PS4. It is also a little bit smaller in dimensions at 275.1 X 305.1 X 53.1. For the PlayStation 4, the CPU is 8 Jaguars cores, (1.6 GHz). The GPU for the PlayStation 4 is at 800 MHz with 18 CUs (1.84 TFLOPS). Memory for this gaming system is 8GB GDDR5 with an internal storage of 500 GB or 1TB HDD. The optical drive is set up for Blu-ray. 

PlayStation 4 PRO

The game performance and the resolution of the gaming system massively improved on this console with it running at its highest at 4k. The key differences between its predecessor the PS4 and the PS4 pro is mainly the Resolution which is much higher for the PlayStation 4 PRO. The PRO’s physical dimensions are 295 X 327 X 55 mm. The height and dimensions are only slightly bigger than the PS4 even with the added layer of console on top of it. It is also only a pound or half a kilogram heavier than its predecessor.  The CPU in the PlayStation 4 Pro is 8 jaguar cores (2.1 GHz). With the GPU at 36 CUs (911Mhz, 4.2 TFLOPS). The Memory of the PlayStation 4 Pro is 8 GB with internal storage of 1 TB HDD. The Optical drive is Blu-ray for this game system. The PS4 Pro’s controller is a DualShock controller. 

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 known as the PS5 has now become the most powerful gaming system for the PlayStation branding in the year of 2020. As Sony’s newest gaming console, it replaces the PlayStation 4 Pro. It boasts many new and better aspects on this console. The system has a better GPU, internal NVMe SSD and CPU than its predecessor. The CPU for the PS5 has variable frequency up to 3.5 GHz with 8-core and 16 thread. The GPU is also variable frequencies with 36 CUs at 2.22 GHz (10.3 TFLOPS). The memory of the PlayStation 5 is 16 GB GDDR6 which is double that of its predecessors and a step above them as well. The internal storage for the PS5 is a custom SSD at 825 GB. This allows for better and faster reading of the data within the game with the solid-state drive that is installed within the PS5. This is much better for gameplay than the PS4 Pro’s hard disc drive used for storage. This is because the solid-state drive does not have any moving parts with data being stored on memory chips. The HDD for the PS4 do have moving parts that are required in order to read or write any information for the gameplay. This causes the processing to be slower for the HDD which makes the SSD a better option and ultimate storage system for gaming. The PS4 loads data of about 1GB in around 20 seconds as opposed to the PS5 being able to load 2GB of data in .27 seconds. The optical drive for the PS5 is Ultra HD Blu-ray instead of the standard Blu-ray. The PS5 truly is the more capable console and the fastest out of the three consoles PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 PRO and the PlayStation 5. The game resolutions, upgrades and performance are massively improved even from the PlayStation 4 PRO and the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation has an increased performance level as well as running at 4k (120 Hz) resolution and even supporting a resolution of 8k which is miles above its predecessors. 

The pricing difference between the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 is about $100. It may be worth the money for more powerful and amazing new upgrades including the controller. The controller has been upgraded from DualShock to DuelSense controller and a quieter fan. It has a futuristic look that comes with exclusives for the PS5. The DuelSense controller upgrade is a major one compared to the DualShock 4. It includes adaptive triggers and haptic feedback which helps the player to actually feel the tension that one may feel from certain actions within the game. An example would be the pulling back of the string on a bow within the game. The gamer would be able to feel that certain tension with the new DualSense controllers. It is also nice because the DualSense controller is a USB-C as its charging while also having a built-in microphone with a new and improved lightbar as well. It is a more sleek, futuristic design with impressive technology underneath. The game play on this console is unprecedented and has almost an instant loading for better gameplay. In the new PS5, ray-tracing is available as a new feature following the improvements within the gaming console as a whole. The PS5 has allowed for a finer-grained configuration of the downloadable games rather than the bigger blocks of data of the past. This allows parts of the games to be downloaded separately such as the single player and the multiplayer. You can install one and uninstall the other if that is what you want. You do not have to keep both types of game play for the PS5. There was also the PlayStation Plus Collection that was introduced by Sony for the PS5. It is a new benefit for those that have the PlayStation Plus membership and gives them access to a number of games from PS4. There are 17 games within the collection that can be accessed on this collection. There is an added VRR support for the PS5 which allows a quicker refresh for the uneven framerates on the newer televisions. There is a push to improve the stability of gaming on the PS5 with the patches that are given through the VRR support system.

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