Cortana for the Windows Phone Lover


Having a human being as a personal assistant is passé in this world where almost everyone uses a Smartphone. With Apple having its Siri and Android its Google Now, Windows OS users have the Cortana as their voice assists. Windows is one of the top three Smartphone platforms and used by millions across the globe. One may become a part of those millions using the Amazon deals to buy a Windows Smartphone. Given below are some specs of the very popular Windows Phone, Lumia 830 with a special focus on its USP- the very intelligent personal voice assistant, Cortana.

The Lumia 830 came out in 2014 and still is one of the best sellers by the iconic brand. The 5″ display has a superb 1280 x720p resolution. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects the screen from everyday scratches and adds to the durability of the phone. For fast performance, the phone is equipped with a Quad Core Snapdragon 400 processor with 1 GB of RAM. The primary camera is 10MP with LED flash and comes with Carl Zeiss optics for great picture quality. The HD 0.9MP wide angle secondary camera is good for video calling and taking selfies. It is 3G enabled with Bluetooth and NFC facilities. The phone is available for about Rs.20, 000 online and couponraja promo codes helps with saving some money on products too.

Cortana will help the phone user in many ways. Listed below are some of them:

  • Although in its beta version in many regions, Cortana can still serve many functions. With a simple “Hey Cortana”, the user can wake up the voice assistant. Make calls, answer calls, send texts, and read them using Cortana.
  • The user can add events to your calendar, set an alarm, and dictate notes to Cortana. It will update you on the weather in your city when asked to.
  • Cortana will serve as your GPS system; it will give you directions, let you know the traffic conditions on your route and tell you if you need to leave earlier to make that all important appointment on time.
  • Cortana has her own ‘notebook’ where she takes notes on what the user likes, dislikes, prefers, doesn’t prefer. If you’ve searched for “One Direction” quite enough, then it will alert you if the band is playing near you. Once the user lets Cortana know about an interest, she will pull out latest news articles, information, updates about it from the web.
  • Like any great piece of A.I, Cortana too is witty. The user can ask her a question and she’ll reply. She can share stories and jokes according to what the user talks about.
  • When you set “quiet hours” on your Windows phone, Cortana will ensure that you don’t receive calls or texts unless they are a part of your “inner circle”.

With such a technology available to us, the day is not afar when our whole lives will actually revolve around our gadgets.

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