Increase your productivity at work with these 5 Smartphone apps


If you’re not using your Smartphone to increase your productivity, you are not using it right. Every Smartphone user swears by some apps that help them multiply the value of their time. Right from taking notes on Evernote, to making bill payments using Freecharge bill payment app, these tiny little elves help save us time and efforts. The following is a list of some such apps:-

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  • Refresh

Don’t worry the next time you have to meet a new business associate or batch mates you don’t even remember having at a school reunion. ‘Refresh’ uses sources like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to pull up information about this person and notify you. It also keeps a track of the emails exchanged between you two, the history, your common friends etc. The app works like a helpful Personal assistant whose job is to ensure that his or her boss doesn’t look like a fool in front of anyone.


  • Freecharge

This app allows the user to pay their utility bills and recharge their phone online. What’s more are the couponraja cashback offers that provide the user with amazing monetary benefits. A simple registration with the website is all one needs to save time on paying their bills. Pay your bills whenever and at whatever time you want without bothering about waiting in long queues. Your monthly ritual of paying bills has just got easier with this app!


  • Evernote

Who hasn’t felt the need to take down an important phone number but never found a pen and paper on time? With ‘Evernote’, the user can make note of everything. Right from to-do-lists to images, websites to audio clips, ‘Evernote’ is a virtual app that acts as your personal notepad.


  • Dropbox

The ‘Dropbox’ app is what every member of a huge team, every friend, every family is grateful for. Why? As it allows the users to upload files, videos, pictures, audio clips to a cloud and then access it whenever and from whichever device they want. The user can share a link to these files with others and they can access and download those files with a simple click. This app is a great time and effort saver as the user no longer needs to attach large files to emails, exchange pen drives or DVDs to share information.


  • LastPass

It’s quite a tedious process to keep filling in your usual details like name, email I.D, phone numbers, address etc. while registering for any website. With LastPass, the user can store all these details on the app which enables the app to auto- fill these details the next time the user needs to. Also, the app stores all your passwords and log in I.Ds securely in its vault so you no longer have to remember them and worry about misplacing them. It also helps you generate strong passwords. The Secure Notes feature lets you encrypt data for security purposes and use it later.

With apps such as these that promise to add to your productivity, you now have more time to do things you like.

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