Daily Mail Owner considering bid for Yahoo


Yahoo was founded back in 1995 and has become a well-recognized internet brand. Whilst the company might have lost the great search-engine battle against Google (to-date), the business has plenty to offer going forward. The Silicon Valley company prolonged the deadline for bidding proposals – it’s rumoured that a variety of big players might be interested such as Verizon and Google.

Yahoo CEO, CEO Marissa Mayer’s, has recently come under pressure from investors, which has resulted in many of their new digital operations ceasing, such as Yahoo Screen. It was decided that the sale of main assets would be one key solution.

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It appears that there will be two possible scenarios from which a private-equity partner would obtain Yahoo’s core business, whilst the Daily Mail would take ownership of all news and media operations.

In the alternative scenario, the private-equity firm would merge the news and media properties with the online operations of the Daily Mail.

Yahoo has confirmed that the 18th of April is the date set for all offers and proposals to be submitted.

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