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Say someone invented a time machine, and it became possible to go back to any time, any place. I dreamt about this as a kid. I would hop back to the Jurassic Age, take a side trip to the moon, or even stow away on the Mayflower. But nowadays? I wouldn’t go anywhere that I couldn’t take my smartphone, and I don’t think I’m alone in this thought. Life just wouldn’t be worth living if I had to leave it behind.

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Our smartphones come packed with numerous features, some of which we rely on every day and others that we probably don’t utilize as much as we could. Here are 5 simple steps you can take to make better use of your phone.

1. Battery life extensions

Seriously, the latest smartphones have extremely speedy charging cycles. Marshmallow has a brand new feature named Doze, and that helps to extend your battery life. Your smartphone goes into hibernation, which means that the smartphone sleeps when you sleep, and it only loses 3 to 5 percent of its battery power overnight. Many phones will keep a charge from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. with medium usage. Just remember to utilize your phone’s features that allow you to control the battery life, such as dimming your screens, disabling auto-brightness, and turning off unused radios.

2. Video Digital Imaging Stabilization

Imagine living in a world with no more shaky handheld videos. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a concert and ended up in the heat of the moment taking some extremely poor videos that I ended up just having to delete because of their nauseous quality. Say hello to Video Digital Imaging Stabilization which ensures your videos are steady and clear each time. Playing your video back on your smartphone is a treat too, because the new display resolutions give you a super sharp image, great color, and a balanced brightness.

3. Camera photo editing apps

Most of us today own a smartphone that you can use for almost everything, but there’s still a whole market of additional applications that you can add to utilize it even further. Now that the majority of smartphones have amazing cameras, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus smartphone, it’s only one step further to download some outstanding photo editing apps to go with your camera. Fotor is a free, versatile app which allows you to share images, collage and edit. With new SLR technology, you can have pictures with high definition finishes. Lifecake from Canon, also free, allows you to organize and save your photos without the aggravation of advertisements like the majority of social media channels. Quik, free as well, offers tons of frames and fonts to augment your photos.

4. Amazing sound quality

You are in for one of the most incredible experiences of your life. The newest smartphones have crystal clear sound and great quality high resolution speakers, so perhaps get some quality headphones to accompany your phone and you’ll have to be dragged away from your audio pleasure spot. Dolby is now incorporated in some smartphones so prepare yourself for incredible sound that seems to encircle your head with power, clarity and depth.

5. Phablet

You’ve always wanted a smartphone that has all the capabilities of a tablet, right? The newest phablets have increase screen size, stunning displays for game playing and for watching movies, full HD, and so much more. You can play complex 3D games, which is a great plus for gamers. Most new phablets have brilliant displays, fingerprints scanners, stereo speakers that face front, and other very high end spec. So, if you’re looking to purchase a new phone that has all the more incredible features, perhaps looking at purchasing a phablet.

To sum things up, smartphones have everything to engage you, and very little to turn you off. It’s no secret that they can be quite costly, but when you think of all that they allow us to do it’s definitely worth the money – so make sure you utilize them to their full potential.

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