Desired Features We Want Offered With the IPhone 6


The Next Generation of IPhone is Upon Us, Can it live up to our Dreams and Expectations?

Every time Apple reveals a new product or updated product we wonder how they can keep up the continual levels of advancement. At some point won’t it all plateau and everything is the same? It is forward thinking that sets Apple apart and allows them to provide worldwide innovation on a daily basis. Phones are becoming such a useful tool and it feels like they can do everything, but the new Apple iPhone 6 will have new features we can only speculate about. Take a look at your phone and think about the ways it can be changed to help better meet your needs, it is probably always by your side but how can it be even better than before? There are a number of features that the public as a whole wants to be offered in the iPhone 6.

The first feature that is very obvious stems from the complaint you hear almost daily about phones, issues with battery life. Everybody wants more battery life in their phones so they can have extended use without having to worry about getting to a plug in or charger. Another simple feature that will make a big difference is a larger screen, this will enhance the ability to work on the phone and make it a better overall experience. The next feature that the public hopes to be added in with the IPhone 6 is a camera with increased quality and abilities. Twenty years ago would anybody have even thought about adding a camera to your phone? Probably not, and today we want the highest quality camera at our fingertips at all times. Another desired feature is that of an increase in processing speed, everybody hates waiting and wants things to work as fast as possible in today’s society so this desire does not come at all as a shock. Apple phones have been historically black and white and have recently expanded with colour; this is another simple feature that is much more desirable than we think. People want colour in their lives and will be drawn to colourful phones.

As advanced as phones are today it is amazing how many little tweaks to such a small tool we can think of. IPhones are a revolutionary product and there is no question that Apple will continue to revolutionize the industry with whatever features they come up with. Whether they are things we have thought of and desire or things that the expert staff at Apple has come up with over and above the thinking of the general public. The forward movement technology continues to rage on and we can only try to hold on and hope for features that will help make the little things in our lives that much easier to deal with. The IPhone 6 is rumoured to be on track to be the best selling phone ever and it will be amazing to see what features are utilized in this magnificent piece of technology.

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