The Ultimate Christmas List For Gamers


If you’re a gamer, Christmas is the perfect time to really rack up your equipment. It’s a great chance to upgrade your rig without shelling out for it. You can replace your hardware and bring in some powerful new equipment. Crafting the right Christmas list can seriously improve your game and the experience of playing. So don’t waste your Christmas list on new clothes or a bike, pack it full of gaming gear!

Your list will be crafted to suit your own game. Whether you play on a PC, a laptop or a console there are plenty of upgrades available. Your list should also include a couple of games – free games are the best. Christmas is great for a few fun extras too. A couple of fun stocking filler accessories can add a good variety to your list. Plus, your Grandma might not know what a stereoscopic 3D vision kit is!

Gaming Desktop

If you’re a console player looking for more gaming power, it might be time to upgrade to one of the many gaming desktops. These machines provide way more CPU power. This means they load faster and run better. They also have a higher graphics processor. You can play the games with their full beauty – the way the designers intended. They come with dedicated cooling systems to make sure your desktop never overheats. Lagging and buffering becomes a thing of the past and you can save without worrying about losing gameplay.

Gaming Laptop

The range of gaming laptops is growing rapidly. They still don’t quite match their large desktop brothers, but they are great for portability. If you’re a social gamer and spend all of your time at your friend’s house, this could be a great Christmas present. They provide the power and safety of a desktop, but you can pack it up and carry it around. They’re so much better for long gaming sessions with friends.

3D Vision Kit

You can now buy 3D vision kits that are compatible with most games. Plug it in and you can now experience the gaming world all around you. They really put you inside the game. Christmas is all about excitement and fun; it doesn’t get more exciting than playing in 3D.

Hardware upgrades

You never want to spend money on a new SSD drive, so Christmas is a great chance to upgrade. With up to an extra 500GB of space, you’re gaming experience will be greatly improved. Christmas is also a good time to get that gaming mouse or keyboard you always wanted. Perhaps a wireless headset or a new monitor for better graphics too.

Accessories and games

Your family will love to get you little accessories and games as stocking fillers. Make sure you give them a list! There are some great video game art books out there. They compile the most beautiful aspects of your favourite games in one place. They feature interviews with the architects and designers behind them so you can really get into what makes a game. Lastly, make a list of games you want in order of preference!

There you have it. You’ll soon be playing the best games on brand new equipment. Best Christmas Day ever.

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