Essential Computer Backups & Protection

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Have you ever had that moment of terror when your computer freezes without warning? Or when the power cuts out, and you lose all your recent work? Your stomach drops out, and the panic sets in quickly! Smart computer wizards don’t fret when this happens though. Why? Because they have strict backups and protection in place. Even if the worst happens, they’re prepared for the situation!

There are avariety of ways to protect and backup your computer. They come in two waves. The first is ensuring you reduce the risk of crashes and problems in the first place. The second is backing everything up securely. That means you can instantly get all their data and information back safely. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure you don’t get caught out!

APC Batteries

Before you do anything else at all, get your hands on a quality APC battery. These are backup batteries that keep your computer running in the case of power cuts. If you’ve ever been in the middle of a big project when the electricity cuts out, you know this can be devastating! With an APC battery, you’ll quickly regain power as a backup for a short period of time. It will give you chance to save the work, move it onto a hard drive, and keep working elsewhere. These batteries give you a second chance!

Cloud services

Moving quickly onto your backup options, there are plenty of ways to backup your data. We recommend using a combination of techniques. That way, you’ll always have at least one to keep your head above water. One of the safest ways to backup your computer is through the cloud. Using the likes of DropBox, you can instantly send all your files into the cloud, safely and securely. With a pro account, you can typically set up an automated backup at regular intervals.

Hard drive backup

Another good way to keep your data safely backed up is using a simple hard drive. Once a week, simply plug your external hard drive into the computer, and run a full backup. It’s a manual process, but it’s secure, and you have a complete hard copy. Even a large USB stick will suffice here. It means you can take it with you, and move it to a new computer.

Bootable backup (or clone)

The third type of backup is less common, but very useful. It’s called a bootable backup; also known as a clone. This creates an exact replica of your computer data within the system itself. If the internal hard-drive crashes, you can simply boot up the exact replica stored elsewhere. It’s an instant, and efficient method of bringing everything back to where it was.

Apple Time Machine

If you’re using an Apple Mac or laptop, you can take advantage of the brilliant Time Machine function. This is set to backup your entire system at regular intervals. It’s all saved on Apple’s server, and it’s free for most customers.

That’s all there is it to it, folks! Follow this advice, and you’ll never lose another important document again.

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