Essential Processes Your Business Should Move To The Cloud


With more and more companies migrating to the cloud, isn’t it about time you considered it yourself? It’s not hard to see why it’s appealing. It’s a flexible, fast, budget solution to improve many problems with a flailing IT infrastructure. You might be considering it, and that’s great, but which processes need moving first?

This article will help you answer that question. From mail to storage, there are a couple of important business-related tasks that should take up the bulk of your cloud priority. If you’re looking to improve your business swiftly, then this could be the solution you seek!

Data Storage

Every single company and individual on Earth stores some kind of data. Those photos on your phone, that spreadsheet on your laptop, and that video game save file – they’re all at risk. Hard drive failure is becoming more and more common, and sources like show just how serious it is.

So, with your entire business potentially at risk, why not migrate your data storage needs to the cloud? You won’t have to rely on physical storage solutions, and your data won’t take up any physical room. You can create copies upon copies and store them on multiple servers, so your stuff will always be safe. I’d still recommend keeping a physical version; it can’t hurt, can it? The cloud just gives you peace of mind and ease of accessibility.

Physical Mail

Everyone knows what it’s like to receive letter upon letter, piece of mail upon piece of mail. It’s very easy to start losing some of them, and it’s even harder to keep track of them all. We’ve all suffered this on a personal level, now imagine it on the scale of a business. Some companies receive hundreds of letters a week, and it’s important to factor in every single one.

So, have your mail scanned and uploaded to the cloud. It’ll be readily available, and you can access it at anytime, anywhere, from the phone in your pocket. This is quite an easy process to accomplish in this day and age, using a site like, for example. If your business is struggling to keep up then you need to look into simplifying your methods.

Document Creation

Any and all companies rely on a hefty range of documents to survive. These could be word documents, slideshow presentations and budget spreadsheets, among others. These are usually stored locally, left to the responsibility of one person. Besides putting the document at risk – what happens if that one hard drive fails? – this also limits creativity. One person with one avenue of input with one singular vision isn’t going to get the best out of the situation.

Opening up your document creation to the cloud lets anyone, at any time and from any place, edit that document. You can increase collaboration in the workplace, and bring remote workers closer to your on-site ones. Everyone can chip in, and the stuff that your business needs to create can see a company-wide collaboration come to fruition.

How does your business use the power of the cloud? Sound off in the comments below!

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